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Want To Change The Look Of Registration Form Etc.

21 March 2018 - 05:54 AM

I am after some advice as to how to change the registration page. I would also like to extend this to shipping details.


Some of the fields are too long and can be next to each other like First Name / Last Name.


Any advice would be much appreciated, I have a feeling someone has one this before or it's a simple change.


Attached File  register.jpeg   60.15KB   0 downloads


Just want to set up bill to and ship to address similar.


Attached File  address.jpg   132.46KB   1 downloads

Error After Upgrading From 4.7.1 To 4.7.2 Sp2

28 February 2018 - 06:59 AM

This error occurs when in the Add-ons.


The link address directory has something to do with this path  https://www.mydomain...e21519750259.js


scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1 GET https://www.mydomain...rm-inputmode.js net::ERR_ABORTED
  send @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   ajax @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   $.ajax @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6e21519750259.js:681   loadScript @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   (anonymous) @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   c @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   (anonymous) @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   (anonymous) @ form-validation.js:1   e @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   ready @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   register @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a686e21519750259.js:1   (anonymous) @ form-validation.js:1

Rebuild Cs-Cart Store From The Ground Up.

28 February 2018 - 05:49 AM

I want to find out if anyone can give me advice on the best way to bring all existing store information across to a fresh install including database.


Is the export data from current store and import data into new installed store with new database the best option?

Setting Up 10% Gst Tax Not Shown In Some Places

21 February 2018 - 06:26 AM

Having issues with TAX being shown on invoices and Tax information being sent to paypal.


I have looked at all products and they have the tax code GST selected as per below


Attached File  tax_gst1.jpeg   41.68KB   7 downloads


This is the order in Administration Panel.


Attached File  gst_2.jpeg   33.08KB   8 downloads


This is the Print Invoice below. No tax shown on each product line.


Attached File  gst3.jpeg   40KB   8 downloads


Then below the paypal shows no tax or lines at all.


Attached File  gst4.jpeg   37.77KB   7 downloads


I have no idea what the system is doing, I am running PHP 5.6 and Cs-Cart 4.7.1 using the Energo themes VIVA Shop template.


I have the price displayed with tax included. see below settings.


Attached File  gst5.jpeg   38.34KB   7 downloads


The store still functions but I would like to display the tax for each item and also show the tax on paypal.


Any help or advice would be most welcome.

Drop Down Box

21 February 2018 - 02:07 AM

I am looking to see if anyone has an search addon that can do the following;


Attached File  make_model_year.jpeg   11.8KB   7 downloads


Drop down Make

Drop down Model

Drop down Year.


When you select Make it brings up models, when you select model it brings up years and after selecting years it would bring up a column layout of products that match.