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In Topic: Variations Need Please Select Option

18 May 2021 - 06:57 PM

I found a solution for this. I had the same issue and we changed the product_data.tpl at line 284 and inserted


{elseif $product.zero_price_action == "R"}
                    <span class="ty-list_price" id="line_discounted_price_{$obj_prefix}{$obj_id}">{include file="common/price.tpl" value=$product.list_price span_id="discounted_price_`$obj_prefix``$obj_id`" class="ty-price-num" live_editor_name="product:price:{$product.product_id}" live_editor_phrase=$product.base_price}</span>
                    {assign var="show_qty" value=false}


Then we removed all the prices and left the LIST PRICE ONLY

Now our variation of SELECT SIZE had the full inventory QTY, but doesn't be allowed to be added to the shopping cart  as the button is missing for ZERO Pricing.

In Topic: Copying In Another Email Address With Order Confirmations?

24 March 2021 - 11:58 AM

Looks like users variable is not available here

what would an add-on cost to make it available here? this is a requirement of the client. The customer must add the boss's email address to the field for the purchase to be approved and po generated?

In Topic: Copying In Another Email Address With Order Confirmations?

23 March 2021 - 10:33 PM

Did you try emails comma separated?

We had to create a send email field in the profile for the client to add a second email. Just need to send the order confirmation to the order_info.email as well as the users.email2 file.

I've tried just about everything to the events.php file to add the second email to the TO Line but nothing will work.

Any ideas?

                'to'              => DataValue::create('order_info.email'),

                'to'              => DataValue::create('order_info.email, users.email2'),
                'to'              => DataValue::create('order_info.email', 'users.email2'),

none of these will send the email to the second account. Admin gets the email the order Info email gets it but not the email2 account


any direction would be helpful in any way shape or form!

Thanks for your time.


In Topic: Copying In Another Email Address With Order Confirmations?

19 March 2021 - 11:35 AM

Have you found a solution to this?

 the TO is in the events.php but how would you add a second email address to it?

I have an email address created in the customer profile (NEW FIELD) but when I add email2 to the 'to' line it never sends the second email


receivers' => [
            UserTypes::CUSTOMER => [
                MailTransport::getId() => MailMessageSchema::create([
                    'area'            => SiteArea::STOREFRONT,
                    'from'            => 'company_orders_department',
                    'to'              => DataValue::create('order_info.email'),

                    'cc'            => DataValue::create('order_info.email2'),
                    'template_code'   => 'edp_access',
                    'legacy_template' => 'orders/edp_access.tpl',
                    'company_id'      => DataValue::create('order_info.company_id'),
                    'storefront_id'   => DataValue::create('order_info.storefront_id'),
                    'language_code'   => DataValue::create('order_info.lang_code', CART_LANGUAGE)

This didn't work

anyone have any idea?