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CS-Cart team helpfulness, support, and my questions

13 March 2012 - 10:19 AM

I want to have a self-hosted E-cart software. This is where it all started. Currently we are running OpenCart, but we are unsatisfied with it. That's why I started looking around, and found CS-Cart.

So far, I have one huge problem: The support. I tried to open tickets, so I can get my questions answered about the problems we are having, but no answer or whatsoever.

I don't really get how does that make any sense. If you need customers, you should answer their questions, help them. So they are convinced that if they run into trouble, the support team is there. There was a guy who helped me, but he is not related to CS-Cart. Which makes this whole story worse. He was answering my questions via e-mail, via IM.

Anyway, let's move on.

So far the two problems that I have are related to the IMPORT, and the Mulit-language support.
Trivial things, right? .... right?

Import: I want to import an XLS file. XLS is like an industry-standard, and Microsoft have released the specifications and information for importing or exporting into XLS. A lot of libs can be found, all of them are open-source, free, so on. That was the first disappoint with CS-Cart. There is no XLS import. CSV.

Sure thing, you need to save your database in CSV. Well, upload the data. BUT! There is no way to assign which field is which. Like I upload my whole database (cough, CSV file), and then select that THIS is my product ID, THAT one is the price, etc. So it would be much less work. But well, there is no option for this either.

The language support. I don't know how many of you guys are running a shop in your country, and target both local and international customers. If you do, then you might want to have a different name for your product, in each language. Let's say, a local comes up, and every product name is in English. In my country, that results in some instant page close.

- I'm severely disappointed in the support, in the lack of communications after you begin your trial. You have to pay for this software, for the support later. Yet, no one tries to convince you, to help you. You are alone. (Except for having a helpful guy around, who just popped out of nowhere.)
- I don't know if my expectations are too high, but even OpenCart can import XLS without any problem, at ease. I think selecting which column is which, is also ... something to be expected.
- Multi-language: ... Another point I don't get, how people managed not to miss.

I know I can write modules, modify the PHP source files and so on. But then... why would I pay for CS-Cart? It makes no sense. You get OpenCart, and many other Cart softwares for free. You can modify them too, for free. You saved a lot of money, and you are the very same point.

Sorry about the rant, but it's just frustrating.