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In Topic: Adding Values to Google Export?

12 June 2012 - 01:25 PM

I don't think the URL's have to be different since we're dealing with variants. At least that's not what I've read from their specs. Since they all use the same GTIN and are within the same "Product Group ID" they can have a single URL but are required to have a unique image per combination of pattern, gender and color.

Sorry, it's been a bit since I dove into this stuff. Since 2.2.4 bulit-in works good enough for most non-apparel products, sales of my addon have dropped off considerably. Hence, it's not something I've been looking at in detail lately. However, my addon does still deal with creating multple export files based on language and currency combinations as well as properly dealing with the product grouping required for apparel products.

Hi Tony,

Will your addons be compatible with CS-Cart 3?