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#131684 Hot Deals tweak help needed

Posted by j-nelson on 21 February 2012 - 12:39 AM

Yo Roderick1,

The way you can remove these is like so (if you want a real quick solution I have added a quick CSS line below):

1) First you need to know which Products Template you are using - enable the Design Mode in the template.
So go to Design -> Design Mode (I am not sure of the Dutch equivalent is but the menu position will be the same) in the Admin Area.

Posted Image

2) Once you get to this page, enable Customization Mode by clicking on the `Enable Customisation Mode Button`. Once that is done click on the View Storefront Button above it to be taken to your store in Admin mode [kinda].

3) You'll get taken to your home page and there'll be a tiny icon like so Posted Image near the top left of the page - if there is more then one then click on the nearest to the block content (i.e after the logo and menu on the page.)
Posted Image

4) Find the first line that has product_list templates in it and go to the next line under that - this will be you're editable template. After all of that, go to the file (it'll be in the skins/customer/ directory) and add a hook to the file name you found previously - I'll assume you know how hooks work.

5) Add a duplicate of that file into the hook file you create. In the hook file look for {$product.product|unescape} (the title) and {$smarty.capture.$price} (price) and remove them.

That usually does the trick.

ALTERNATIVE (Place this into a css file that you are using):

.compact .product-title {
display: none;

However this will disable any tables which are using this code in every page that the css so it's better to use the above solution instead.

#131516 Templates...from scratch

Posted by j-nelson on 17 February 2012 - 11:51 PM

Its my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong ppl) that hooks will not be overwritten because they are addon files. So if you update your CS-Cart to v3.0 then all the non hook files should update.

Long story short: You may need to perform slight re-edits to your hook files (AND possibly - not sure though - re-add the {hook name=""}{/hook} to the upgraded files if you created your own customs).