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In Topic: pass variale through hook

02 March 2012 - 02:39 PM

Actually you can do this without modifying any standard code.

Make your contorller addons/my_changes/orders.post.php and then add in your "if($mode == 'details')"; Youll probably need to extract your order_info array and save it back by:

$order_info = $view->get_var('order_info);
then after you've updated the data structure put it back with
$view->assign('order_info', $order_info);

This will ensure your changes don't get clobbered in the next upgrade you do.

Thanks I was wondering where the php hooks went.

In Topic: Nice real time CSS editing

27 February 2012 - 10:55 AM

Ty dvsgr,
The Stylizer program is definitely a good one to use for single CSS/HTML edits. I love the browser support for it (something IEtester wasn't able to get right) as well as the CSS/HTML support - although it still doesn't allow for -moz or -webkit extensions to be validated/or considered `hacks` - as they aren't officially supported anyway. It's definitely useful if you want to quickly change a stylesheet/HTML.

However it's a linear program in that it doesn't support anything dynamic - no PHP, no ASP...NO SMARTY XD. So it is stuck entirely on purely HTML edits. Secondly web inspector tools like Opera Dragonfly are a complete package for live testing - we can edit/run scripts in real-time, edit CSS/HTML etc.., sample webpage colours, check page resources things like that.

Conclusion - ideally this would be suited more as a `pocket` app..something you could take with you on a smartphone or laptop and make quick changes to an online site - FTP support would be cool for that as well.

XD I am in love with the interface though..

In Topic: General Intro Rant

24 February 2012 - 11:04 AM


I have no idea what XD means either, may be a sign we are getting old & being left behind!

But then again, I just decided to figure out what an IPad was last week, and quickly realized my daughter could really use that for her college classes rather than toting her clunky laptop with a 15" monitor around all day! :-)


Not sure why you cannot load your avatar, but honestly, I would not put much effort into figuring out the issue if mine didn't work, if it won't make me money, then I won't bother! :)

XD you say that but you have an avatar! XD saying that I only come on here when I have a little free time to unwind so I'm good. Btw things like XD and lol aren't that new XP. But I know how y'all feel. The teenagers take me by surprise with their lingo alot too.

In Topic: Nice real time CSS editing

24 February 2012 - 10:56 AM

Opera is also pretty good for this sort of stuff. I have it running without cache for website editing... works like a charm, it has a build in sort of firebug :)

Seconded. Opera's Dragonfly tool suite is real easy to use fr test edits and script debugs/tests.

Stylizer sounds cool but how exactly does it apply the edits in real-time to webpages? Does it work in tandem with Dreamweaver/any other code editing programs? Also another good part about Dragonfly is that it shows Live Code. Does Stylizer provide this facility as well?

In Topic: General Intro Rant

22 February 2012 - 06:14 PM

XDDD ..wow. welp at least you proved the Internet has a sense of humour XD. I'm still half-reeling from that fact I just got hazed on the internet XD.

StellarBytes if you see this then you got your answer XD.

Btw does that mean its a general error then? I haven't checked all around the forum yet to see.