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#224236 Paypal Overwriting Shipping Address With Billing Address- What's The Corr...

Posted by Smich on 24 July 2015 - 04:28 PM

Scrap that- just discovered that it's the Instant Payment Notification Settings (IPN) in the PayPal add-on dialog (i.e. not the paypal dialog in the payments section).

PITA having these settings in two different places, it was only because it rang a vague bell in my head that I looked there.

FWIW, PayPal still claims that the billing address is the delivery address (which has the potential to confuse any user that's paying attention) and lets them change it. Since any such changes will be ignored by *our* system, this has the potential to cause further confusion if the new delivery address is different (i.e. if they realise the one entered into our system was wrong and "fix" it in PayPal). Any way to stop the delivery address showing or being editable in PayPal *at all*?


- Smich