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In Topic: Remove shipping from main store

14 March 2012 - 03:47 PM

I had the same problem. One solution to this problem is to create a vendor for all of your main store items. This vendor would have the same address as your main store for shipping calculation purposes. I then moved all of the main store items to the new vendor account that I created. You can then disable the shipping method for these items. I main store account will have no items under it. All of my products are under a vendor account. This fixes the shipping issues.

In Topic: Looking for someone to develop a two-factor login scheme for vendors and admins

06 March 2012 - 08:52 PM

That is correct. I am not trying to block all users. I only want an extra authentication step to be put in place for admin users that have not authenticated from a known computer. So if the admin logs into the site. The system will check to see if they have logged in before from thier location. If not, the system will require additional authentication such as an E-mail. If they have logged in before from a location the system will allow them to log in without any more authentication.

In Topic: Bitcart

28 February 2012 - 05:55 PM

I have tried Bit-Cart. There are alot of bugs in thier code. Also they do not support their product! I moved to CS-Cart due to Bit-Carts in ability to support thier product. There source code is also closed source. You cannot even fix the bugs in thier code yourself. In most cases they want you to pay them to fix the code.

In Topic: Site Optimization Problems

21 February 2012 - 06:38 AM

Here is what CS-Cart's support staff had to say about the local.config.php parameters:

Description of the settings:
1. js_compression - if this directive is enabled, the whole CS-Cart Javascript code is packed and stored in the var/cache directory of your CS-Cart installation.
2. check_templates - if this directive is enabled, the templater will check templates for syntax errors.
3. inline_compilation - if the following setting is enabled, a parser looks for template {include} tags and joins them in one file which is stored in the var/compiled directory of your CS-Cart installation.
4. anti_csrf - if this setting is enabled, Cross-site request forgery attacks can be prevented. To learn more about them, please check the following article:


5. disable_block_cache - if this setting is enabled, block content will not be cached, this may affect the site performance.
6. join_css - if the following setting is enabled, all CS-Cart CSS files will be joined and stored in the var/cache directory of your CS-Cart installation.
7. allow_php_in_templates - if this setting is enabled, PHP directives can be processed in template files, this may also affect the site preformance.

CS-Cart's recommended settings:
// Tweaks
$config['tweaks'] = array (
'js_compression' => true, // enables compession to reduce size of javascript files
'check_templates' => true, // disables templates checking to improve template engine speed
'inline_compilation' => true, // compiles nested templates in one file
'anti_csrf' => false, // protect forms from CSRF attacks
'disable_block_cache' => false, // used to disable block cache
'join_css' => true, // is used to unite css files into one file
'allow_php_in_templates' => false, // Allow to use {php} tags in templates

In Topic: ADDON: UPS Shipment Tracking

17 February 2012 - 09:31 PM

Is this module compatable with Multi-Vendor 2.2.4?