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#128774 Can I remove the product ID from the Global Options?

Posted by pablo631 on 02 January 2012 - 03:38 PM

My product options don't display on the category pages, since there are about 10 or so options per product. But I can do what I want by just adding

to the class in the product_options.tpl

<div class="form-field{if !$capture_options_vs_qty} product-list-field{/if} clear opt_{$po.option_id}" id="opt_{$obj_prefix}{$id}_{$po.option_id}">

So that gives me something I can work with across the entire site. To do this I had to make a change to the original product_options.tpl file. Is there a way to make this change like hooks so I can minimize my edits to system files? I tried creating a hook for "products:product_option_content" and just changing the path to my edited version of the file, but it's not working.

{hook name="products:product_option_content"}
   {if $disable_ids}
    {assign var="_disable_ids" value="`$disable_ids``$obj_id`"}
    {assign var="_disable_ids" value=""}
   {include file="addons/my_changes/hooks/products/components/product_options.override.tpl" id=$obj_id product_options=$product.product_options name="product_data" capture_options_vs_qty=$capture_options_vs_qty disable_ids=$_disable_ids}