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Let's build a Crowd-Sourced Reviews Addon - Startup Style!

24 October 2013 - 08:31 PM

The problem:
Let's face it, the reviews addon for Cscart needs help. I have been in plenty of UX studies where buyers consistently say that reviews are one of the most important things they need to see before purchasing something online (zmot proves this too). Inspired by the possibility of yotpo, but realizing their shortcomings with the cscart version (total afterthought) and the fact that ownership of YOUR reviews is shared between you and yotpo, I think with a few interested and talented peeps, we could do better and I mean like Chuck Norris better!

The Pitch:
Let's work together and build something really robust and.... free. (OMG!) The idea is that we build something that is similar to Yotpo but better for Cscart stores, self contained, self-owned (content-wise) and then share it for free for all users. Or at the very least, we could just share it amongst us contributors.

  • Back end devs with deep knowledge of Cs-cart
  • Front end devs
  • UI designers
  • Facebook app devs

I offer:
  • Program Management/PO experience for Ratings and Reviews at a major company for my day job. I get the nuances of the how and why of this stuff.
  • Complete technical requirements ( a crap-load written as of today)
  • UI Design ( if we don't get another decent designer stepping up)
  • Agile Experience

  • Warm and fuzzies
  • Github klout
  • Extra life credit
  • oh... and a robust Ratings & Reviews system that rivals anything out there.

If you're interested, post below with your skills. I'll set up a basecamp project and invite whomever wants to contribute. Or feel free to just chime in with some feature request for the addon.

RSS Addon Creating MySQL Error in 3.0.6

12 June 2013 - 05:07 AM

We recently decided to start automating a subsection of our marketing emails and decided to try and leverage the RSS addon and noticed that it might be in conflict with another addon and/or scripts in our custom theme. What we're noticing is that when the RSS addon has the selector for adding a feed to each category enabled, we see the MySQL error in the attached screenshot. Regardless if this option is selected or not, the global RSS feed works as expected but the feed fails for categories.

There are no custom modifications outside of the skin. The only custom addons we're currently running is a module we had developed that pulls a SoundCloud player into the UI. The player is available in both the category as well as the product pages. This shouldn't reasonably be in conflict with any of the other moving parts inside the framework, but the fact that it cannot dynamically produce an RSS feed by category is of great concern.

Any and all suggestions or feedback are welcome.