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25 January 2022 - 07:48 AM

I had the same problem, every now and again it would spike the CPU when loading the stats and I would get throttled by the hosting company. I have moved to a 8 core VPS now, I still get the CPU spike but no throttling obviously
It seems to be browser session related becuase if I login to the admin panel in chrome using incognito I get it every time.
You can see it smashes the php-fpm process for a couple of seconds.
There is also a brief spike in disk usage.
I did raise it with cs cart support but never really got anywhere with the issue.
The support message from a2hosting was:
According to the snapshots, the "admin.php" script is running every time the account experiences an I/O fault. The faults are caused when the account hits its maximum I/O limit. According to the I/O averages (shown in the graph and the table below), these spikes are very brief. When an account hits its I/O limit and experiences a fault, the account may become slower due to being restricted by the server or some processes may stop. The dark green lines are your average for that period of time, but it could only be a few seconds where the I/O usage spikes and hits the limit. That explains the discrepancy you're seeing in the graph.