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#255087 Cart-Power Reviews

Posted by chris102 on 17 July 2016 - 10:55 AM

It is a pleasure to work with developers who are so committed to make their products better and simultaneously bring great value for their customers. You will not hear anything like "works as designed". Guys really give an effort to make their products and modifications work with your store just the way you want it.


Response time is also very fast. It is definitely not like that, that you send an email one day, then next day you  receive answer in the evening, you reply on next day, then the answer comes on the following day,  then the weekend comes and all in all it takes 2 weeks to exchange 6 emails. I constantly exchanged 4 emails a day. Thank you guys!

#170258 Cs Cart is really not what it seems.

Posted by chris102 on 24 October 2013 - 12:15 AM

Guys, "a lot of bugs" is quite a bold yet hazy statement. Can't you see that this whole thread is just all about the Amazon checkout issue? There's no *lot* of bugs, there's just *one* bug. Yes, it is a severe one for those who use Amazon, no doubt about that, but this is really unfair to claim CS-Cart is all buggy and unstable because of this single heavy issue.

All the other mentioned minor issues are by far not that bad and don't affect the business routine.

I want to assure you that CS-Cart 4.0.2 is not only about fonts and styles. Just take a look at the CDN support or CS-Cart's unique feature – Widget mode (http://blog.cs-cart....pport-and-more/). And there are many more features.

Besides, we have the eBay Synchronization add-on for v4.0.2 in testing. You can find more about it in this thread: http://forum.cs-cart...832#entry169832

Hello Imac,

Could you please tell me, why do You think that we merchants, really need "widget mode" gadgets etc., if we can't do the simplest things like for instance import of variants' modifiers? Do we really need third-party solution for that?

Are options/variants not about setting different prices for the product's variants?

Let's say we have 800 products with only 5 variants each, should we put all 4000 modifiers manually?
Then if our supplier changes the prices then again 4000 products, and again and again ...

I have been following the forum and uservoice already for couple of years and I really can't remember the widget Gadget among proposals in uservoice. Most probably this is a very great feature, but there are lot of others very basic features that are simply missing.

I can quickly recall:
- product unit like kg, m, pcs etc.
- possibility to sell decimal amounts i.e. 0,56 kg
- shipping availability "we ship in 3 days" which is used by most of shops
- trucking number in shipping email linked
- Import of shipping rates
- Import of products' positions (sort order)

If this little annoying issues were "cleared" I would be eager to pay double or even triple as much for cs-cart, because it would be anyway cheaper than buying for today's price and paying for numerous modifications to make the cart work the way it should.

If your resources are not sufficient for both then maybe you should slow down a bit development of new "gadgets" and focus on these "Little annoying quirks that have been in cs-cart forever and should be fixed" ...

#161524 CS-Cart 4 Beta is Released

Posted by chris102 on 09 May 2013 - 07:58 AM

Hi Flow,

Unfortunately that's the way it is that theoretically many features are there, but many of them can't be acutally used properly.

Let's mention languages like for instance German - I contacted you some time ago about it :-)
Is it really so big effort to for CS to hire sb to translate all terms? Would it be so bad investment in the cart ?
If several variables were missing we could survive, but there are 80% translations missing.

Grain by grain and we filled our bellies spending a lot of money and time tuning all this "little things" as you call them.
Maybe, if the basic features were working the way they should, pople wouldn't be complaining so much about the new ones.

Transport costs that you mentioned is another excellent example.
Customer is able to estimate the shipping costs in the cart page giving necessary details and then after going to checkout the shipping cost displayed in summary block is 0 ! The customer thinks that there is a free shipping and in the next steps the shipping cost apear again! Exactly as you told, most probably 10 minutes of work, but still - it is missing.

I hope that you won't be disappointed with v4, because we were actually waiting almost one year for v3, buying it in pre-sale and then waiting for the "stable" version introducing all correction and now unfortunately we faced the wall with the second storefront ...

#161515 CS-Cart 4 Beta is Released

Posted by chris102 on 08 May 2013 - 11:11 PM

Hi Imac,

When I bought ultimate a long time ago, I was very excited, because I thought I would be able to have different shops that could all have their own look, feel and marketing tools.

We have nice, funny, friendly status emails coming from our shops. Of course with the name of the shop that's sending the mail in it (branding!). Naturally, our professional shop has another tone of voice than our end-customer shops.

Not seeing the importancy of us being able to send individual status mails per shop, prooves again that Cs-cart doesn't understand anything of marketing... I simply can't believe you still didn't make this a feature. It's such an obvious one and it makes it impossible for us (and many others, just look at the forum!) to upgrade from 2 to 3, and now 4.

Cs-cart sucking at marketing is really too bad because not only is cs-cart not to be seen anywhere where it's not posted by users (reviews, blogs, themeforest, etc) even though it's a good system, now it's also hurting shop owners.

Now of course we can spend another couple of 100 bucks to fix this, or we could install 2 cs-cart ultimates (since pro is gone) and connect the databases, but I'm getting a bit sick of this improvisation just to make a product work the way it should. I am very dissapointed.

Hi Imac,

I totaly agree with Flow that ultimate edition isn't ready for live stores yet, because of its numerous limitations.

You write on your site:
"Each Ultimate Storefront Is a Complete Online-Store. Every Ultimate storefront is an independent web-store with its own domain, design and a full set of configurable parameters. It is in fact a full-fledged CS-Cart Professional store, only enhanced with the CS-Cart Ultimate functionality.

It happens to be far from truth.
  • Not possible to share custom emails with email statuses (Flow's post)
  • Not possible to edit website content (about us etc.) for the second storefront. New site has to be added to create separate content for each store, however this is my workaround only.
  • Not possible to import data for the products that are shared. If we want to change the price via import function so that the price of a product is the same for all storefronts then this is impossible. For shared storefrons we have to updated the products manually! To be honest I really can’t imagine, in XXI century, going through 10 000 products to set their prices manually.
  • Not possible to bulk edit of share products (edit selected)
  • Not possible to share blocks nor tabs. Posible to copy, but for instance "enable for" is lost.
  • Not possible to edit seo name in "all store" mode.
This is what I could quickly recall, but there are some more limitations.

I am actually fan of new technologies however I must somehow agree with users claiming, that you are chasing the technology and the basic functions are missing or working incorrectly as for instance importing products' features that doesn't work and what is more deletes all features' pre- and sufixes after each import!
  • No possiblity to sell decimal products i.e. 0,25 kg
  • Paypal accepting only one currency set in admin
  • No possibility to import options modifiers
  • Tracking number in email not linked
  • % quantity discounts working only for base price, not taking modifiers into account
  • Not possible to attach payment instructions to comfirmation e-mail.
  • SEO for testimonial page missing
    etc ...
To Flow:
Did you manage to open the second storefront under Ultimate v3? After comming across all obstacles I mentioned above as well as upcomming v4 we gave up for now.



#149526 Products with Options and Volume Discounts

Posted by chris102 on 19 November 2012 - 08:46 PM

I've authorized them to do it. It's a cost that will ultimately be passed on to my client.

I'm almost certain that since the agreement they sent to me says I can only use this custom modification on the site license in question that after I pay them to do the custom work that this change will, in all likelihood appear in a future release of the CS-Cart core functionality.

That will be unfortunate but not unexpected.

It makes me wonder how others have been asking to pool resources together to achieve other add-on's or modifications since they almost certainly have received the same license restrictions.

What was the price of cs dev. really $600
Waht was the price of alt-team, because their quotation got also really very expensive lately.
Taking into consideration that the avarage salary in Russia is app. $4,5/hr it $600 would mean 133 hr = 17 days ...

I acually thouht that any custom development belongs you and you can do with it whatever you want. You do not buy any product or licence, but the service. This is the information that I received from one developer (not cs dev):
"You can do everything you want with the add-on that you buy from us."

Maybe cs-dev wanted $600 and they made it for you $60 and that is why they introduced that restriction :-)

The sad thing is, however, that actually it should be done for free as there is no question that this is a bug :-(
So please cs-cart team admit the bug, appologize and intruduce the fix in the comming release and please do not make it at the cost of Jeremy. I can assure you that burying your head in the sand in not a good long term strategy. Listen to you customers. You should be really verrrrry happy that we point out such a bugs and thereby are improving your product. I wish I had such customers ...

#148393 Products with Options and Volume Discounts

Posted by chris102 on 05 November 2012 - 10:42 PM

FWIW $600 USD is what CS-Cart Custom Dev wants to do this modification.

Get used to it, I also had asked some custom developments and quotes that I received were always far beyond any expectations. Every single, even small modification is more expensive then the cart itself !

Actually, one day I submitted the problem of disounting only the base price as a bug in a bug tracker, because I think this is a bug indeed. Where is the logic behind discountig the base price only ??? I claimed that this should not be called even "% discount", because this is against basic rules of mathematics. Guess what feedback I received ... "Working as designed" :-)

Please see my post:

Maybe, if more of us complain about this issue, they would consider fixing the bug instead of charging each of us 600 USD for alleged "custom development".



#147973 Products with Options and Volume Discounts

Posted by chris102 on 30 October 2012 - 09:06 AM

The problem of setting the base price to 0 and manage final prices with options is not that simple.
Imagine that you have two options for product like size and color.

If you set the final price for the both for instance XL: 200 and red: 50 what price should be displayed then?
So actually setting the final prices with options will work well solely in case if you have only one option that influence the final price.

The real solution to that would be in my opinion introducing the prices for combinations. Then you could put the final price for each combination separately, but to be honest I can’t imagine managing it without good import/export feature.
Imagine how many combinations it would be if you have 5 sizes, 7 colors and 4 types

The good solution to manage the product options could be also a slightly different approach to the problem and mainly grouped or master/slave products like in other carts. Then you create separate product for each option and group them into one "grouped product".

It could be also very good in case if you want to sync the cart with your other, for instance sales software, because each option has then all the fields of the normal product i.e. code, weight, dimension, minimum order quantity etc). Today if I have a product that has options of 50cm and 100cm this is not possible to set the different dimension for that as dimension applies to product only and can't be assigned to option or combinations. The same applies to minimum and maximum order quantity and order quantity step.

In this scenario % discount problem would disappear itself, because you will have always only the base price for the product assigned.

Does anybody have more experience with grouped products?

#133904 CS-Cart 3 RC Released

Posted by chris102 on 27 March 2012 - 04:20 PM

The suppliers functionality will be returned to UE as soon as possible.

There are a number of technical obstacles backing this feature in UE, but we will bring it back in one of the future minor releases of the 3.x.x branch.

So maybe you could consider simply implementing the feature of assigning a shipment to product and shipment to category not necessarily using the walk around with suppliers feature. Would it be less sophisticated and thus easier to implement for you?

BTW. Was the suppliers feature at its origin dedicated to deal with the shipments at all?

#133801 CS-Cart 3 RC Released

Posted by chris102 on 26 March 2012 - 10:37 AM

Yes, suppliers are removed from Ultimate Edition.
Assigning specific shipping methods to products will require some custom development.
CS-Cart 3 Pro still has suppliers though.

In my opinion this is really a kind of strange approach that we buy less functions for more money. Nobody said before that Ultimate would't have all the functionality of the Pro version.