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#141759 How to update CS-Cart V.3x

Posted by applied on 28 July 2012 - 09:37 PM

CS-Cart release the updates over the period of a week so as not to update everyone at once, thereby spreading the load on their servers and their capacity to handle any problems that may result. You cannot control who gets the updates first but you can install a fresh 3.0.2. I believe the reason is that if you have any problems with a fresh install you would not require the urgent assistance that someone with a live store would require if the upgrade failed (and if there was a major problem they could limit the consequences).

Also in settings -> general there is the option "check for updates automatically".

#140970 CS-Cart 3 Final Released

Posted by applied on 17 July 2012 - 07:20 PM

Although there are bugs in 3.0.1, I have found it to be stable - i.e. working (or not) consistently and is very impressive for a major release. There may be things that don't work as intended (or as expected) - but I wouldn't call it "unstable" (which would suggest random crashes and server errors or doing something different every time). The benefits of Ultimate warrant moving to 3.0.2 as soon as released and either live with or apply changes to fix any remaining bugs as necessary. By waiting you will be missing out on the benefits of v3 (Ultimate in particular). Although I appreciate the task in hand, I am still pacing the floor for 3.0.2 and the upgrade tool. Up ... Down ... Up ... Down ....

#140500 Anyone heard anything from Martfox

Posted by applied on 11 July 2012 - 08:50 PM

As you can see in this thread, it's a "personal" communication... Between a hysteric wife with a red head... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

This is far from being a "personal" communication. Your posts have been representing Martfox and have done significant damage to the reputation of the company and wasted the time of people communicating with you if you do not represent them. Confidential information should not be available to someone who is here in a personal capacity and you should not be representing Martfox in your posts if you are not here in a formal capacity. Although you have been entertaining - you have no place being in a CS Cart community forum mis-representing who you are - this is not a personal chat forum or some kind of game to see how many people you can fool. Users of this forum have believed you to be representing Martfox and if you don't then you have been mis-representing yourself. You should either be removed or, if there is a ligitimate reason why you would be in a CS Cart community forum then your association with Martfox declared on your profile.

#140478 Anyone heard anything from Martfox

Posted by applied on 11 July 2012 - 07:03 PM


This forum is to support CS Cart users, some of which may be using or considering using Martfox. A Martfox representitive would be here to support their customers and even promote themselves by everyone here witnessing the high levels of service and their technical expertise / assistance provided. If you do not have the authority to represent Martfox you should not have been representing them in this forum and should be banned for mis-representation (your posts have been representing Martfox and even have the Martfox links and confidential information). You say you are not an employee (that is not an issue) - the question is do you represent them or not?

#140233 www.mycindybean.com -- light, flexible eyeglass frames

Posted by applied on 10 July 2012 - 12:12 AM

Nice site - but was determined to find something .....

Using IE8 - When on the home page and you click "sign in" on the top menu bar, the box is underneath the central image so you cannot sign-in. Using Firefox it is above the image and works.

Product code BS3002 is missing the image in description - sizing.

Using IE 8 - With the first products I tried, the first option said "Please, select one" and the Add to cart button isn't shown until an option is selected (the button is hiding underneath the share image) - so it does actually work. On other products such as product BS802 the first option is a product (not "select one"), there is no Add to cart button as it is hidden underneath the facebook logo. Again, works on Firefox.

Sitemap - Wish List - Page cannot be found.

The customer enters their card details in a non-secure page. You need an SSL or use a payment gateway - I see you have Paypal express on the cart so you could easily enable the "PayPal" processor at the checkout (this is PayPal Website Payments Standard listed as "PayPal" in the list of processors). When setting this up, check the postage and taxes are calculated correctly in Paypal- I found that settings within Paypal changed the values sent by CS-Cart. This will also allow non-Paypal account holders to pay by card on the Paypal secure site.

Sorry to find bugs in your new site - but I hope it was constructive feedback that you wanted. It's a very nice site and pages load surprisingly fast considering the amount of graphics and being on the other side of the world - the speed is quite impressive here in the UK. Nice job.

#140133 Problems with Martfox again!

Posted by applied on 08 July 2012 - 12:22 AM

Never heard anything like this!!! - I am absolutely astounded to find this thread and each reply digging a larger hole. Martfox semi-VPS is advertised as "Allowing you run complex scripts or applications, without the worry of overloading the server." I wouldn't expect it to cope with video streaming or high processing applications, but a shopping cart I would expect it to cope with as much as anyone on a budget (and limited to the 5GB disk space of this package) could throw at it.

At least an order every 10 seconds = 360 per hour - say 1,000 per day to give it plenty of spare capacity. You quote most users as heavily loaded sites with high CPU usage. I wouldn't know how many orders "most users" are processing daily but if it is 1,000 per day then there wouldn't be the same budget restriction.

If most of your semi-VPS customers are overloading the server then the package you are offering is clearly not appropriate (and certainly not advertised correctly) you should not be claiming that "you will benefit from increased server performance" but that you will be on a server with 70 other highly loaded users and "the servers are getting overloaded" (it's your quote).

Then there is the "Guaranteed 99.9% uptime". Guaranteed?

Can't imagine our IP addresses changing without having first approved such a change to "fixed IP addresses".

Fantastic quote "DID MARTFOX RESTORE THE FILES FOR YOU!!!??? You are really..." Indy0077 truly expects a customer to be pleased that they sorted out a problem that they caused by the move in the first place - astounding!

And to think that I was considering Martfox - even opened an account but...

Although "100 people will comment on a problem while only 1 will comment on good service" is very true - don't take this to heart - consider also that one person could be expressing the frustrations of many (as I suspect is the case here from your comment that "no one want to hear that their sites are causing the problems" suggests a culture of blaming the customer's on this package). None of the problems I read about from the customers here are related to the performance of the server itself ("when it's good it's good") - just the way that changes are implemented and lack of customer communication.

P.S. - If I hadn't said enough I also am appalled that information from a customer's support ticket was submitted as evidence on a public forum - although both the act of doing this and the content only gives Martfox more embarrassment as the tickets mainly relate to changes caused by Martfox. Then there is the one issue caused by a customer that you just can't argue with - using the wrong ticket "My Site Is Down (SSL Related)" - you know you should open such a ticket with the subject "SSL not working" to get a response.

No need to reply to me - I won't be returning to this thread (or Martfox) - an apology to tracy007 and your customers that are still with you would be in order, rather than blaming them for not having seen an email and making out it's their fault (on the other hand, every reply digs yourself a bigger hole). Try and see it from their perspective and use any feedback as an opportunity for improvement rather than responding to feedback by passing the blame. This has been an eye opener and strangely compelling thread (it is almost unreal).