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In Topic: Import Order Items by Product Code

10 August 2012 - 09:58 AM

That is pure GENIUS Nathan! - CS-Cart please note !

This concept solves so many problems - let me elaborate:

The import add-on for Multistore does not import from Community to Multistore and the Upgrade from Community to Ultimate will only ever import one store at a time (when it works) and not combine multiple stores into one Ultimate installation.

This concept of importing by Product Code solves this problem and more. With multiple stores and the same product in some of the stores, using this idea to import by product code you will be linking the order items to the new single product. This way you can import the products using the standard import tool and all the order items will be linked correctly from each store to one product.

I was going down the route of having to modify the order items to change the ProductID within the order items (exported from Community) to match the new ProductID of Ultimate. I guess I could still do this - but by realising that the product code could be used to achieve a 1-1 relationship between source and target stores it is so much easier. Although it wouldn't work if you had used the same product code for different products (even on different stores) - but then product codes should be unique to the product anyway (even across stores).

I recommend that CS-Cart support this brilliant idea as it solves so many issues with converting from multiple stores to Ultimate and keeping order items linked correctly (ideally products and combinations). It also allows importing of orders from other shopping carts (which is I guess is what Nathan developed this for) and would allow users of competitor carts to import order items when they realise they should have been using CS-Cart all along and decide to switch (better late than never!).

Thank you for sharing - and would be glad to know of any problems / fixes that you encounter.

One question though - which version / package have you had this working on - I am hoping it would work for 3.0.2 Ultimate. Order items are not associated with stores (but with orders), so hoping it would work on Ultimate.

In Topic: Links on Secure pages redirect to the homepage

30 July 2012 - 11:35 PM

It is normal for all the links on the secure server to have https: as they are then redirected to the correct page on the non-secure site if it is a non-secure page.

See if anything is strange with the https: URL (like additional slashes or missing slashes) when you hover over the links they should show the correct page using the https: host / path. This way you can determine if the links are correct and the re-direction is wrong or the links themselves are wrong.

Also, double check your settings in config.local.php. Check the slashes are in the correct place as per the example in the file - when you did the install you may have assumed the path to be, for instance, "store/cart/" instead of the correct "/store/cart" - I know when I install I have to check the format as it doesn't suggest the format to use during installation. When there is no path you may have put a slash in the path (but the path should be empty '' for it to work).

If it's a new server and it is the redirection which is not working, I have another possibility - in fn.control.php in the "core" directory of your installation replace:

fn_redirect(('http://' . Registry::get('config.http_host')) . (!empty($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']) ? $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'] : Registry::get('config.http_path') . '/' . Registry::get('config.current_url')));


fn_redirect(('http://' . Registry::get('config.http_host')) . (!empty($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URI']) ? $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URI'] : Registry::get('config.http_path') . '/' . Registry::get('config.current_url')));

Keep the original file safe and put it back if it doesn't work.

You should raise a support ticket if none of this helps as I can confirm that all the links should redirect to the correct page on the non-secure site and you don't have to run the site on https after the first view of the cart.

Good luck - let me know how you get on.

In Topic: Links on Secure pages redirect to the homepage

29 July 2012 - 09:40 PM

Works fine for me. I see you are using product-name.html and therefore have SEO enabled - in which case, if you enabled "show language in the URL" and you hadn't cleared the cache then your links would still be /product-name.html and from the secure site this does take you straight to the home page of the non secure site (the links should be, for example, /en/product-name.html for english).

Another idea - if you previously had to make changes to .htaccess you will need to check it is right now - e.g. change the base to the new location.

Third idea - dissable SEO and clear the cache to see if it is just related to SEO to narrow down the problem.

Good luck.

In Topic: Importing v2.2.4 to v3.0.2 misses products, orders, etc.

29 July 2012 - 09:17 PM

Thank you for the suggestion tbirnseth. Unfortunately upgrading doesn't solve the problem as it doesn't create additional storefronts in one Ultimate installation (it upgrades one to one), whereas the import tool is for this purpose - it's just not working. I have submitted a ticket - but won't have much time in the week to investigate.

I appreciate the suggestion as I was pulling my hair out yesterday and needed to consider another approach. Many Thanks.

In Topic: Importing v2.2.4 to v3.0.2 misses products, orders, etc.

29 July 2012 - 01:11 PM

I am using the 2.2.4 / 2.2.5 to 3.02 Ultimate Store Import Add-On - this isn't the same as upgrading as upgrading you can only create one store, whereas importing creates additional storefronts. The Ultimate edition of this tool is for "importing CS-Cart 2.2.4/2.2.5 Professional and Community stores to CS-Cart Ultimate as additional storefronts" as described here: http://blog.cs-cart....-import-add-on/. It goes through the process but some items are missed.