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In Topic: Product "description" Data Export

16 March 2017 - 10:59 AM

Hi All, I'm sorted - thanks for your help!


I exported the file as a comma delimited CSV, opened with Excel, and hey-presto it works just fine.


Thanks again for your tips and suggestions!

In Topic: Product "description" Data Export

13 March 2017 - 11:15 AM

Hi All,


I've tried experimenting with the description of a single product.

I removed the description from the item. Then, ran my text through Notepad (to strip any html coding etc), then imported the description via CSV file. The results were that I lost the space formatting on the published webpage.

I then exported the data again, to see if I'd removed any bugs. Sadly, I see the same problem reoccurring.



In Topic: Product "description" Data Export

13 March 2017 - 10:38 AM

Hi Guys, Thanks for your suggestions.

Some clarification on some of your replies:


  1. I do not have a MINIFY addon installed (in fact, I cant even see that listed)
  2. I am using Excel to view the output CSV file
  3. It doesn't matter whether I request a Comma, Semicolon or Tab delimited file. Excel always sees the commas as a delimiter.
  4. I've tried exporting (Tab Delimited) only Product Code, Language and Description, and opened the CSV file with Word Pad - see:
    "Product code Language"
    "15-1634 ""en"""
    "15-1644 ""en"""
    "15-1654 ""en"""
    "15-1033 ""en"""
    "15-1043 ""en"""
    "15-1034 ""en"""
    "15-1044 ""en"""
    "15-1036 ""en"""
    "15-1046 ""en"""
    "15-1038 ""en"""

You can see that I'm missing a Column Title.

When opening the file in excel my column titles are delimited with a semicolon:

Product code;Language;Product id;Description



Which is fine, but the data is messed up.

Column 1: 15-1634;"en";"1";"<p>For use in studio

Column 2:  home

Column 3:  educational

Column 4:  corporate and commercial environments

Column 5:  where appearance is important

...and so on.


If I convert the text to columns, select "delimited", "Semicolon". I receive a warning "There's already text here. Do you want to replace it?" If I select "Yes", I loose all data from Column 2 onward.


Perhaps there's another technique for viewing the CSV file in excel?