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    Help description for Features displays HTML tags

    Posted 24 Jun 2013

    If you click the ? mark next to a feature it will display the description text but it displays HTML markup such as the <p> and </p> which are put in by default with any of the editors.

    Buttons not displaying properly in List when review present

    Posted 22 Jun 2013

    The attached two images show the same product in the List without Options view.

    When no review for the product is present then the Select Options button displays correctly. If there is a review present then the Select Options button does not display properly

    [attachment=6984:with a review.PNG]

    [attachment=6985:without a review.PNG]

    Icons for global product options are confusing

    Posted 20 Jun 2013

    If, for example, a global option has three variants and each one of those has a picture associated with then I would expect to be able to click on the very small thumbnail and display a larger picture.

    What happens is that clicking on the picture selects the first option in the dropdown list or radio button list.

    Amazon S3 storage setup

    Posted 19 Jun 2013

    This doesn't appear to be working. Setting the storage options up with the correct keys and bucket seems to work as the bucket is created in the S3 control panel but if I go back to the storage settings later it seems to have forgotten everything and has reverted to file storage.

    Font size selection in theme editor

    Posted 18 Jun 2013

    When changing font size using the theme editor it doesn't seem to be possible to select 16px as a setting.

    This is a common size on many modern web sites now.