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Selecting the thumbnail that is shown when posting links on Facebook

20 August 2012 - 08:22 PM


I'm not sure if this is possible, but thought I'd ask! When posting links to product pages on Facebook, the thumbnail image that shows up is very rarely the product image itself. Is there any way to specify that the main product image is the one that is displayed when sharing a link to a product page?

I am thinking it is perhaps possible with the use of an image source meta tag but not sure how to get it to choose the main product image.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

Thank you


VPS User Guide?

13 July 2012 - 11:30 AM


I have recently moved our site from a semi-VPS hosting package to a new host and a managed VPS package and the whole having access to the server itself (via WebHost Manager) thing is completely new to me and I'm finding it all a bit daunting!

Although we are on fully hosted, I feel I need to get to grips with the terminology and understand better what all the figures that my host reports to me actually mean. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good reference guide for me to read or any good websites that may be helpful? There's so many out there but it would be good to have one that comes recommended.

Also, are there any resources out there on how to optimise the server, ideally with CS-Cart in mind? Or should I ask our host / CS-Cart / a third party to optimise for me?

Any guidance much appreciated as always.



PS I know some people will probably say I shouldn't have gone for VPS being a newbie but that was what was recommended by both my old and new host but have gone for as much "managed" as I could

EUKHOST Cloud Hosting - any experience?

21 June 2012 - 10:23 PM


I'm looking to mover hosts and have come across EUKHOST Cloud Hosting (eNight) and wondered if anyone had any experience / views on this?



Permissions Problem

20 June 2012 - 06:03 PM


I am having issues with permissions and would really appreciate some clarification please.

Our CS-Cart was originally installed by Martfox on their server so they set up all the permissions, which are different to those that CS-Cart state they should be.

All was working fine until Martfox moved our account to another server. This new server is apparently running in DSO mode so the permissions need to be as CS-Cart state the should be and I have been in correspondence with Martfox trying to resolve this but am getting confused by their responses.

Below is a copy of the latest response (my original text is marked with >):

> 1. the following folders AND their subfolders require the following
> permissions:
> /var/ 777
> /images/ 777
> /skins/ 777
> John [Marfox] changed the permissions to the above main folders to 777 but did not change
> all the subfolders (or sub-sub-folders etc). Therefore all the sub-folders of
> these folders need to be changed to 777. Is this correct?

the permissions for new created files will be set up through the file config.local.php:

// Default permissions for newly created files and directories

so all new created files after the installation will become 666 or 777 but the core folder is a static one, therefore the permissions have been changed to 755

> [I changed the permission for the folder containing the thumbnail for the
> product I was uploading an image for and this seemed to fix the issue.]
> 2. All other folders, including core, and all sub-folders of such folders should
> be set at 755. Is this correct?

yes, correct

> 3. config.local.php should be 666 but all other files should be 644 - is this
> correct?


> If yes, I have noticed that the image I uploaded has been set a permission of
> 666. How do I change it so that files are automatically set a permission of
> 644?

that's right so as mentionted above

> 4. Assuming the above statements regarding the folders is correct, is there a
> way to change all the folder permission settings as a group, rather than having
> to change them one at a time? Is this something you are able to do for me
> please?

we can just change the permissions e.g. for all files to 644 or folders to 755 in a bulk.

My questions:

1. Should I just ask them to change all sub-folders of var, images & skins to 777 and all other folders and subfolders to 775? (Unless I can do myself in bulk via cPanel?)

2. Should the config.local.php file be changed to the below so all new files are 644 permissions?

// Default permissions for newly created files and directories

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Problems with Martfox again!

17 June 2012 - 06:58 AM


Is anyone else having issues with Martfox? Our site was down for over 24hours Thursday / Friday and this was apparently due to them suspending a user and having to change NS settings.

But got up this morning and yet again our emails our down and although I can access site at the moment, Host-Tracker is showing the server is down in most locations. I then go to access the Martfox homepage to submit a ticket and instead of the Martfox homepage, the page says "This Account has been Suspended" - which would seem to imply that Martfox's own website has been suspended!!

Does anyone know what's going on please?

After the issues in January and now this we are definitely ready to move hosts!!

Thank you