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#139090 Problems with Martfox again!

Posted by ejfear on 20 June 2012 - 04:05 PM

This has been fixed yesterday.

They have fixed those issues but now having more issues as we are unable to upload images - Martfox investigating in conjunction with CS-Cart. It's just so frustrating that we are having all these problems simply due to Martfox moving our account to a different server.

#130157 Martfox site Inaccessible?

Posted by ejfear on 28 January 2012 - 09:49 PM

I didn't get the email and my site is hosted on a server that is already in Kent (svr6) and my IP address wasn't in the range that should have been affected (which incidentially seemed to change in a later notification on Facebook!). But my site still went down midnight GMT Thursday and only late this afternoon seems to have got back online although is still not up in all locations. Our emails are also still not working.

This is this the latest (and only one for nearly 30hrs!!) post from Martfox on their facebook page (posted 7 hours ago):

Please note we will be changing the IPs of any VPS packages and the welcome email will be resent to clients as this happens.

SRV14 Update: The DNS has now been synced with the new IPs but may take a little while to update. To speed this along you can try flushing your DNS cache

VPS2 Update: All VMs on VPS2 have been reconfigured and welcome emails resent. You'll now just need to change your nameserver IPs at your domain registrar to those in the welcome email.

VPS3 Update: This VM is currently being reconfigured and IPs being changed on all VMs
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The level of customer service has been absolutely shocking.