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#133269 CS-Cart 3 RC Released

Posted by webjive on 16 March 2012 - 03:36 PM

Lol, you must live in a small retail world cubicle as in the B2b business transactions world, I can assure you our customers (Purchasing Agents, Engineering managers, etc.) will not be frequently sitting at their desks placing orders through their Kindle Fire, and certainly not thru their toy Android phones! :grin:

It depends upon the market you are focusing on, and it is a very big world out there......

@struck I love how you took that one out of context.

I used to run a purchasing department controlling $365m in IT spend for a large telecom and we would have never run across systems like CS-Cart running buyer or seller portals.

You are right, we focus on small to large retail and wholesale shops which is what CS-Cart (in our humble opinion) is designed for. Not as a large corporation B2B system.

Now, as for the 960 grid system we, have have developed well over 200 sites with most not using a 960 layout but, we prefer the 960 layout. We have built 2 dozen or so sites with 960 and love it.

The good thing with opensource code is you can change anything you want. Most of the width issues can be overridden with CSS changes.

#125497 Change Skin Style By Passing Skin In URL

Posted by webjive on 07 November 2011 - 03:16 PM


I am trying to change the skin style by passing it in the URL as on the demo store by adding "&demo_skin[C]=new_vision_red" onto the end of the URL.

However I can get it to work even though I have installed the different skins.

Can anyone help with this?


Edit your config.local.php file and add this line towards the bottom:


Then magically the skin selector shows at the top of the page. You can then hide it via CSS and use it to switch between skins if you want :)