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    Suppliers addon not obeying the allowed shipping methods

    Posted 20 Jun 2013

    Add 2 suppliers (each with 1 different shipping method only)
    Assign 1 product to each supplier
    Add both products to your basket
    View cart and click calculate shipping - you should see something like:
    Select shipping method
    Store: Supplier Name 1
    • 100g Pants
    Custom shipping method (3-5 days) - £4.99
    Store: Supplier Name 2
    • 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Economics A Down and Dirty Guide to Everything from Securities and Derivatives to Interest Rates and Hedge Funds—And What They Mean For You
    Standard Delivery (UK) (2 days) - £9.99
    Total: £14.98
    Which is right - 1 shipping option for each supplier... BUT if you then click on one of the radio buttons for the shipping method... all of the store methods then popup and are able to be selected.. This also follows through to the checkout and messes everything up.
    If you need further info, just let me know.

    Editing content pages in IE10 not possible

    Posted 27 May 2013

    Hi, if you try and edit a content page using IE10 (our test system is running Windows 7 so not tested on Windows 8) you are unable to change anything (there are no form boxes to edit). However if we then load firefox everything works fine - so it seems to be limited to IE10.