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CS-Cart SaaS Is Live: Merchium

12 December 2014 - 10:09 AM


We are pleased to announce that the SaaS-based version of CS-Cart, Merchium, is live. Learn more in the official announcement in the Merchium blog.

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Merchium is a SaaS solution that combines the power of CS-Cart with the easiness of SaaS. To start an online store with Merchium, just fill out a short form and hit a button. The store will be ready to use within 10 seconds. No installation or server configuration required.

If you are familiar with CS-Cart, getting to know Merchium will be easy. It has almost all the same features, and the admin panel looks quite the same.

Merchium is available in three plans: Gold, Platinum, and Unlimited. All three offer unlimited products, orders, and traffic, as well as 0% transaction fee.

Moving from CS-Cart

If you plan to move from CS-Cart to Merchium, just export your data from CS-Cart and import it to Merchium. Because Merchium is based on CS-Cart, dat migration will work just fine.

Design migration is currently unavailable, so you should simply recreate your storefront design using the built-in visual theme editor and style editor.


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We will be happy to answer all your questions about Merchium in this thread.