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#160769 DEMO/BETA: ShipOnline - Fedex, UPS - Labels & Rates

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 26 April 2013 - 10:09 PM

I am really not concerned if you think I am rude or not, what I said was the truth. I was one of the people waiting for your solution. Alt-Team offered to create the addon for me for $400.00 a month before you started posting your mod. I would have gone for it back then if I had known this project was never ending. I have gone with another solution by the way so I am not concerned if you finish or not, I was just adding my 2 cents and bringing up a valid point. What is going to happen when they make a code change, right now it is not a moving target that you are trying to hit. Why offer a solution when you don't have one? You also never responded to me every time I offered to beta test, so I guess I am wrong no matter what I do.

#160430 Free Social Reviews Addon By Yotpo -Dramatically increase your reviews

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 22 April 2013 - 03:43 PM

Dear Yotpo

Great you made the testimonels and the export future it looks very good! I had a few questions:

  • Are the reviews for products also shown in Google with stars, and crawled
    For example --> LINK
  • Are the site reviews also shown in Google and google shopping with stars
    For example --> LINK
  • Is there something like top rated reviews, like the function in YouTube. To place top rated comment's above the other comments.

I'm looking forward to your reply.

Since you decide if you want to approve a review, that would make it real easy to manipulate the appearance of your sites customer satisfaction. Cannot see either one of those features becoming available.

#157544 ADDON: "Extended reviews" add-on

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 12 March 2013 - 12:05 PM

you should make an inmail review system

I will chip in for that.

#142090 DEMO/BETA: ShipOnline - Fedex, UPS - Labels & Rates

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 02 August 2012 - 10:19 PM

Have a feeling the support would be about as good as the updates.

#126391 About Snorocket.com

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 21 November 2011 - 12:00 AM

Excuse me? don't put words in my mouth, I didn't say I was suing anyone so don't start going around telling lies about me. That's the problem world we live in is everyone who doesn't get his way or what he wants threatens to sue somebody so they can try and get something for free, this is the arrogance we live with in our society that has destroyed it. When things start turning "this way" is when it's time to just shut the whole thing down and keep the addons for ourselves, which we have every right to do so. No where do we say we'll perpetually upgrade, add features, fix bugs at our expense for eternity. If CS-Cart shut doors tomorrow, oh well theirs plenty of other carts out their that work just fine, you pick up the pieces and move on. You guys only see the end result of our work, you have no idea what it actually takes to organize, develop, manage and upgrade the 40+ addons we have. Problem is all I hear is about is the addons that have problems, I never hear about the ones that don't - Sno

Dude, you talk gibberish and can't even see your own errors. I never wanted anything for free, nor has anybody who has been posting (that is why we paid for the mods you sell). All everybody wanted is for the mods you sold as solid completed mods to work. You keep saying your mods are up to date and working but when asked about the tax issue with the quote system you avoid fixing or answering. This has been a problem for a long time that you have said would be fixed yet it is not and you still sell the mod. That is your fault.

I personally want nothing from you, as I have said I would rather spend a few more dollars and have Alt Team build a solid mod that works, than buy one from you that will never work. You will then call me a whiner. Send me some money and I will send you something that doesn't work, I will give you a email address you can complain to (of course I will never respond). Then you can wine about me here.


The mod you bought is basically a tab and a contact form. Not what you would consider a technical masterpiece.

sno complains about Cs Cart breaking his mods but what he has to realize is he is marketing his mods to work with Cs Cart, it is not Cs Cart marketing a product to work with his mods. If someone knows that Cs Cart breaks their mods with all the updates they make and they can't keep up with updating mods than I would suggest another field, or less mods.

If he subscribed to a rating service he would not be able to get away with what he does.

#126380 About Snorocket.com

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 20 November 2011 - 07:34 PM

Vidan, I don't know why you would say something like this. It's not very smart to publicly voice your knowingly and willing to steal. If you still have a problem with one of the addons after the latest update then either reply to your old ticket so it jumps back up to the top and/or submit a new ticket. Trust me I don't think anyone else wants to deal with working on our addons, we give the developers a hard enough time as is, everything I hear from you they hear from me - Sno

Would love to see snorocket fight this in court. First says he will only support customers based on if he likes them or not, then threatens to sue a person who deserves the same support and has never been able to get it.

Vidan, I will chip in on your behalf if sno ever decides to go after you.

#126276 About Snorocket.com

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 18 November 2011 - 11:35 PM

Alright, EDIT: Simply for the sake of the individuals that do have regular interest in this topic, and because I do not want to cause anyone problems, I will refrain from posting to this topic, and will do my best to just scroll thru them (unless Vidan says something really funny at which point I won't be able to resist!). ;)

This thread is not about fixes for addons or when they will be completed, it is to review snorocket. It is important that people know what to expect when ordering from him. I have submitted several tickets on his website before I bitched at all in this topic and have not received one response. I wish I had found a post like this before I bought from him.

There is not other way of reaching him other than posting here. I do know of a few other board members who do seem to get answers quickly but I think that is because he really doesn't want to be bad mouthed by members with high post counts.

I would not buy from him again, I would much prefer to spend a few more dollars and have Alt-Team do the job correctly.

#124135 About Snorocket.com

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 20 October 2011 - 02:25 PM

Helpdesk he released last week and said there will be more updates after his developer comes back which isn't until the 28th which he clearly posted on Oct 11th.

The post on the 11th is very ambiguous. He says "The Quote/Invoicing Addon will be uploaded soon. Their will be new updates of these addons after the 28th when our developer who is working on our projects returns back from vacation." What exactly does that mean, Ouote/Invoicing will be uploaded soon and then there will be updates after the 28th when the developer returns? Does this mean when the developer returns on the 28th the addons will be ready for use or the developer will start working on them. It should not be this hard to get an answer to when something that was paid for will actually be usable.

#112457 Integration with USPS

Posted by Slightly_Bent_Halo on 16 May 2011 - 08:09 PM

I use Stamps.com software which all I do is enter the order number. The Stamps.com software then pulls the order information directly from the MySQL database. Then which is nice is it can post back the tracking number into the database for that order once the label is created.

-Tim H.

Are you doing this via Webgility? If not, how are they integrated? I cannot use Webgility because I use macs.