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In Topic: Get Maximum out of 4.3.1: The Best Server Configuration.

25 June 2015 - 11:26 AM

Hi guys.
I just upgraded my site to 4.3.2

I followed all recomendations, but no luck, there is something wrong.

I have installed apc, mod deflate, redis and opcache with php 5.6.10

in phpinfo, all appear yo be ready.

APCU APCu Support Enabled Version 4.0.7 APCu Debugging Disabled MMAP Support Enabled MMAP File Mask no value Serialization Support php Revision $Revision: 328290 $ Build Date Jun 24 2015 23:10:44
Zend OPcache
Opcode Caching Up and Running Optimization Enabled Startup OK Shared memory model mmap Cache hits 0 Cache misses 1 Used memory 10935928 Free memory 123281800 Wasted memory 0 Interned Strings Used memory 507992 Interned Strings Free memory 7880616 Cached scripts 1 Cached keys 1 Max keys 7963 OOM restarts 0 Hash keys restarts 0 Manual restarts 0

With OPCACHE, using GUI i see is active, and it cached gui scripts, but for some reason dont cache cs-cart scripts dont know why.

With apcu, when i activate it in config.local page keep really slow and if enable the debugger in cs-cart i cant see cache or sqlqueries info on debugger

Can someone help me or indicate where i can look to solve this?

I can see any phph error, on log