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Need Help With Add To Cart Button Is Urgent Please

19 September 2022 - 09:00 PM

I did create some items that need to be ordered with a minimum of 30 and the Add to cart button was moved down. It doesn't change the size according to the text. 

I need to know how can I reduce the Add to cart button.


Thanks in advance

Is There Any Stripe Add On With All The Necessary Tools Available

05 September 2022 - 03:45 AM

I am looking for a Stripe add on that comes with 3D secure integrated. The Add on that comes with CS Cart Multivendor is just a script to capture payments, that's it and that a big problem with Stripe because Stripe demands to use the new checkout process to fight fraud.


Example, the Add on that we actually use on CS Cart for Stripe doesn't provide to Stripe any information from the client, the add on doesn't share with Stripe billing address, email, phone number, anything to verify the payment. This could lead to a lot of fraud on our stores. When I client make a payment using the Stripe add on you can go to Stripe inside the payment, and you will see that the only information Stripe has is the Client Name, that's it. They cannot verify the billing address of the client, they cannot verify the email, phone number, that's freaking crazy.

Need Help Urgently Please Cs % By Category Is A Disaster For Me

01 September 2022 - 05:14 AM

Recently I did create only 1 plan for all vendors, and I am wanting to set to each Subcategory a % to be charged from sales. What is happening? Ok. I did recently a sale of Marble and the price for sale is $67.49. Ok. I have the Marble in a Subcategory where the fee to be taken from the sale is 25.90% and after the sale was completed I found that the system is not discounting that %, also, I have no idea what % it's deducting from sales, I did calculate, and it's taking around 11%.

The system is not properly working in reference to how much it should deduct from sales. I am attaching pictures of everything.

How do I have structured the Categories, Subcategories and the % to be charged

Marbles are under


Hardware Store > Building Materials > Marble

Hardware store is the Main Category and I have not set to any Main Category a % if this one has a subcategory and a child category. Building materials is a Subcategory and the same, I have child categories and I have not created any %. So, Marble department has a 25.90% that should be deducted from final sale and instead of use this % established to this product, it's using the Main Category %. Why? The system it's supposed to use the % that is under Marble Category. I have lost a lot of money since I did change everything trusting that the system will deduct the % properly and instead of that it's using the % that I have set on the plan for 11.20%

Do I need to set the plan to 0% to make this work or what? Is this a malfunction? Because if I tell to the system "I would like to take 25.90% from all the products that under this Child category been the last one on the chain it should not be using the Main Category %.

Let me put it in another way.

I say that the main category could use the plan % by default

Hardware Store (taking the plan % by default)
Building Materials (But then I add a child category, so it's taking the plan % by default)
Marble (I have set that from products sold under this Child category it should be charged. 25.90%)
The logic indicates that the Child Category governs the final % to be applied, not the Hardware Store %.

I have set the plan to 0% because I have no idea what is happening here and I am loosing a lot of money from sales. My concern now is that the system will not charge vendors the fees because the plan has 0%.

I Need Help With Shipping Restrictions

04 August 2022 - 03:51 PM

I have a vendor that has around 80 items for sale. Some of those items are available to be shipped to different Cities, but some items are not. How do I restrict some items to be available only for some cities and not all of them? 

Help Urgently Please Stripe Is Making Changes To Payment Code

03 July 2022 - 08:00 PM

Hi! I need help. The Stripe add on for CS Cart doesn't come with the last updates of the payment code from Stripe. 


I have this warning in my Stripe account


We've detected that you are using payment_method_types to configure payment methods. To manage payment methods from this page, replace payment_method_types with automatic_payment_methods.If you prefer to use payment_method_types, refer to the manual settings page.


Basically, my account is not qualified to protect payments from Chargebacks because I need to use the new command line to be protected. 


To modify this command should be inside the Stripe Add on code, but I have no idea how to get there.


Any tip will be highly appreciated