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Norwegian translation is here!

09 October 2011 - 06:35 PM

Hello CS-Cart lovers...

Finally the Norwegian translation is here... Quite a bit of voluntary initiative and work has gone into making this translation...

If anyone out there has a heart for contributing, please feel free to give feedback on errors or suggestions for better translations, and send your comments to me, eshopper. I am still working on translating the last few language parameters and improvements, so your comments are warmly welcome and will be considered. When finished, I will send the list to CS-Cart for use in one of the next releases, as done last time.


Norwegian translation

11 April 2011 - 11:02 AM


I have decided to translate all parameters for cs-cart to Norwegian, since I need it, as well as others :D
Additionally, the Danish translation I have found is a bad joke, and not much to compare with, thus I need volunteers that are willing to test the language files for obvious errors and wrong or bad word-choices.

It is quite a job, but I have until now competed about 3200 parameters, out of 4000. It will take some weeks more before I have a version that can be tested. Wording can be quite tricky when one does not see where the parameter is used and how it is used...

For those who are interested in helping to verify the translation quality, please indicate this on this post, and I will send you the translation files when I have them ready for testing.

Anyone that have partial translations to Norwegian of front end or back end are also welcome to send me these, so that I can compare words and phrases, in order to get the meaning as much as possible correct from the first time.

Love CS-Cart as a product. Best that I have found till now.