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Inventory Out Of Stock Actions Not Working

11 November 2021 - 10:53 PM

I am working on adding inventory features to my development site. I noticed that Out-of-stock actions are not working. 


I checked Enable inventory tracking in general settings. Made sure allow negative amount in inventory is unchecked. Checked show out of stock products. On some products I selected out of stock action as Sign up for notification. 


Of these select products I alternatively set the In stock amount at 10 or zero.


Front end does display "In stock" and "Out of stock" availability

Front end does not remove add to cart button when out of stock is displayed nor Notify me when this product is back in stock [enter email address].


I check product db fields for product quantities and Product availability are correct and Out of stock fields have "S"


I started to compare templates between the active template and themes_repository. Just not seeing any differences. Cleared var/cache as well but no joy.


Are these actions controlled by ajax? I am looking to replace files from the repository as a way to eliminate the problem. Someone else was working on the theme and I suspect they inadvertently broke the inventory function. But I need to be sure where the issue comes from.