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#156009 CS-Cart 3.1.1

Posted by JGift on 21 February 2013 - 05:37 AM

@tbirnseth - I remember clearly last year the warning you gave to everyone. The advice to everyone was to wait for at least 6 to 12 months before buying more add-ons.

I heed the call for more stability in the product and architecture. Technology will continue to evolve and adapt. in 4 years time there will be something else CS-CART wants to try or change to the code to mould to.

I am still waiting for the out of box solution from them with all completed mods that they said they would do since 2009. I have monitored the community forum and user voice for about 3 years now and the same stuff repeats over and over.

It's a great product - I just wish they could sort out their product development cycle - ensure stability and performance firstly before fancy pancy features which DONT SELL MORE GOODS.

Seeing as though social is big - I would have expected that all their skins be updated to include Pinterest sharing without one of the community members providing the code/fix/hack. I would also exepct that social integration is properly done and not through another 3rd party provider. The social shop and share my cart discount are also important revenue streams. While not a major driver, I have 5 or 6 colleagues who add 10-15% on their sales revenue through sales through Pinterest, Facebook and Conversions from social media.

Have a look at http://www.shareyourcart.com/ and yes - dont be suprised - the only shopping cart missing is CS CART. All my online business friends e-tailing that have used this service say their social media fan pages and are growing at 200% per month. Enquiries double, sales double etc.....

I know some people are not fans of selling on facebook and I can understand the argument of having 1 shop, 1 conversion channel - however - reality is that people are getting more and more lazy and want convenience from their mobile devices.

Back to v3.1.xxxx I hope in the new skins promised (in another calm the customer down post) somewhere on these forums - the new skins provided and built into CS CART take into account all the new social media and web 2.0 elements that are already prevalent in the market.

Integration with E-Bay is key as well as other online shopping aggregation. I would also love ot see Integration with Drop shipping services - there are a few out there already integrating with Wordpress , WooCommerce , Magento, Drupal.....

Mostly , I would like to see the Mods started and promised from 2009 completed first before any new stuff is done.

The backlog of requests just grows and grows and the old features are losing significance each day that passes. I decided on v2.2.4 as moving up offered no advantage to my shop whatsoever.

CS-CART has promised improvements to the Block Manager as well as new built in skins and templates in v3. Its already v3.0.5 and we dont see any.

I would personally wait until what was promised is fully delivered and until the product is stable. FYI - there are almost 1000 open bugs reported. (Statuses = fixed in next version, confirmed, unconfirmed, Feedback)

1000 bugs for a commercial product sounds heavy to me.

I do love CS-CART and its flexibility - but this flexibility has also come at the cost of innovation and delivering on the community needs. Why ask for our votes if its not going to be acted upon?

Vote: I await for Version 4 to be honest.

#137258 When will v2.2.4 bugs be fixed - Is there a v2.2.5?

Posted by JGift on 24 May 2012 - 10:51 PM


Anyone know if CS CART has planned a bug fix release for v2.2.4 to v2.2.5?

I see there are 2 pages of bugs which say "FIXED IN NEXT VERSION"

Which version will this be? Screenshot attached.

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#134502 eBay integration

Posted by JGift on 08 April 2012 - 04:54 PM

I would still like to see it. I'm just not so sure there is enough demand or enough will for someone to do it.

The reason why there is no demand is because everyone's votes are tied up in features that dont move statuses in user voice.

I have casted my votes over 9 months ago and until features are built and delivered - there is no interest or demand from our point of view.

If they had to clear the top 3 features in uder voice - over 1000 votes become available again and then we as consumers have a voice again.