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Warnings At Every Login - The Product Xxx Has Options Or Option Variants That Are Not A...

23 March 2019 - 01:50 PM

I get 4-5 warnings at every login with a test account and a variety or warnings whenever anyone logs in as administrator or launches the Theme Editor - none of the products are in either accounts Cart and none of the products have Options. Any ideas what drives this or how to fix?

"Notice The product xxxxx has options or option variants that are not available anymore, so it was removed from cart"

Image Issues After 4.8.1

18 July 2018 - 12:14 AM

Customer tried adding a new image to an existing product with 4.8.1 (new drag n drop image feature in the admin) - they moved it to be the primary image (far left, biggest) and some existing images disappeared. So they tried again and more images were deleted - now there are zero images and no upload button - just a blank gray field titled Images.


So they cloned the product, and viola images magically re-appeared. But the primary image (in the admin) doesn't display for users, but users do see a primary image that doesn't exist in the admin. Either the new image thingy is buggy or I suspect some corruption in this product - any tips on how/where to look? Two other products were updated with new image - no issue.