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Allow Registered Users To Use Guest Checkout

14 November 2015 - 03:30 AM


I'm looking for an addon or mod that can allow registered customers to checkout via the guest checkout without being prompted their email address is already used.


If they want to register they can, if they want to login they can, if they have registered before but want to just checkout as guest next time and fill out order fields they can. User choice!


The cart will just ignore a guest who is checking out with registered customer info rather than stop them.

Currently CS-Cart only allows guests to checkout if they've never registered before but if they have registered in the past then they must login to use that email address. It's a problem when you have users that come back years later and forget they've registered before or just don't want to login in.

I've had customers complain that we are forcing them to register and we won't let them complete their order without logging in. They forget they have done that in the past and don't understand why they can't just checkout as a guest this time around.


Should be up to the customer how they complete the checkout. The cart shouldn't force them to do anything they don't want to do.


Is this a mod that can be made or an addon that can be easily developed?

I'm on 4.3.3








Registered Users Checking Out As Guests

14 November 2015 - 01:50 AM



Are there any mods / addon that can allow previously registered users to checkout as a guest with registered information if they don't wish to login? They can just checkout as a guest and the shop doesn't prompt them to login.


Logging in should be a choice of the customer - not forced by the cart because they opted to login in the past.


Most customers just want to checkout as guest - it takes far less time to type out an address than remember a password they haven't used for years.

But anyone that has registered in the past is prompted with an error message that their email address already exists and must login to continue. Most of these people can't remember their login info / have moved addresses / have forgotten they registered in the past and must reset their passwords to continue. It means waiting for emails from the server and resetting their accounts before completing their order.


It's adding a bunch of hoops and hurdles for what could have been a quick sale.

Registration is great for shops that serve repeat customers regularly but if it's a few years between orders or sales are largely impulse buys from casual shoppers it becomes a hurdle.


I can either delete all registered users - not knowing who wants to keep their account and who doesn't - or registered users get an error notice when trying to checkout as a guest. Why can't they just checkout as a guest if they wish?



Embedable Buy Button Code For External Sites

19 August 2015 - 02:12 AM

I'd like to see the ability to generate embed code for pasting into a Wordpress or custom html page.
Currently we can export the entire shop as a widget but not single products or single categories.

I have a shop that sells band merchandise and each category is a different artist.
I can't embed the entire shop on their website because it would include hundreds of products that aren't theirs. I'd like to be able to give them code to setup their products on their website / mailing lists etc so they can create a shop to sell their products.

If Widget mode was available per product or per all products in a category then we'd have more options on exporting the shop to other websites without it being everything or nothing.

Example: They have a new album they want to sell, they can add a buy button on their website where ever they want and it'll add the product to the cart/checkout on the shop. It's a bit more that just a URL link as it sends them to a cart/checkout so they can complete the order without losing track. If it's a product with options they can select the options from the widget and send it to the cart/checkout.

Expanding the current CS-Cart widget mode to single products and categories would be huge addition to CS-Cart.

Something similar to Shopifys method - Some basic CSS choices that generates a button which will add the product to the shopping cart from an external site.

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4.3.1 - Block Status Errors In Block.php

23 June 2015 - 07:37 AM

I'm getting some errors since upgrading to 4.3.1
It's related to the status change of a block
The error report is consistent and the only error being generated by the shop.
It occurs when the block status is changed.
It logs the same two lines.

PHP Notice: Undefined index: object_ids in /home/site/public_html/cart/app/Tygh/BlockManager/Block.php on line 615
PHP Notice: Undefined index: status in /home/site/public_html/cart/app/Tygh/BlockManager/Block.php on line 619

The section of code it's referring to in Block.php is:

	 * Updates block statuses
	 * <i>$status_data</i> must be array with these fields:
	 * <pre>array (
	 *   snapping_id - if not exists will be created new record
	 *   status - block status 'A', 'D'
	 *   object_ids - dynamic object id
	 *   object_type - dynamic object type from dynamic_objects scheme
	 * )</pre>
	 * @param  array	   $status_data Array of status data
	 * @return string|bool Status value on success, false otherwise
	public function updateStatus($status_data)
		if (!empty($status_data['snapping_id']) && !empty($status_data['status'])) {
			if (!empty($status_data['object_type']) && !empty($status_data['object_id']) && $status_data['object_id'] > 0) {
				// If it's status update for dynamic object
				$block = $this->getById(null, $status_data['snapping_id'], $status_data, DESCR_SL);
(LINE 615) 			  $object_ids = explode(',', $block['object_ids']);

				$key = array_search($status_data['object_id'], $object_ids);

(LINE 619) 			  if ($status_data['status'] == $block['status'] && isset($object_ids[$key])) {
				} elseif ($status_data['status'] != $block['status']) {
					$object_ids[] = $status_data['object_id'];
				foreach ($object_ids as $k => $v) {
					if (empty($v)) {
				$status_data['object_ids'] = implode(',', $object_ids);
				if (empty($status_data['object_ids'])) {
					db_query('DELETE FROM ?:bm_block_statuses WHERE object_type=?s and snapping_id=?i', $status_data['object_type'], $status_data['snapping_id']);
				} else {
			} else {
				// If it's simple status update just do it
					'snapping_id' => $status_data['snapping_id'],
					'status' => $status_data['status'],
					'object_ids' => '',
					'object_type' => ''
			return $status_data['status'];
		} else {
			return false;

Product Title Truncate Value Added To Admin Options

19 June 2015 - 02:54 AM

It would be handy to have the ability to set the product title truncate number in admin so it's set in the database and not in the template files.

example, in product_data.tpl you have {$product.product|truncate:45:"...":true nofilter} - which sets the product title to 45 characters and cuts off any more characters with a .... in it's place - so for products with long titles it needs to be a higher number to have the complete title show up without truncating it.

I know it can be sorted with my_changes to avoid resetting each update but being able to set the default as a design option in admin and have it stored in the database would be one less thing to have to fiddle with from the designers point of view and also help with on the fly changes as new products may require a longer title.