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In Topic: One Step Checkout - Simple Layout

24 November 2015 - 12:38 AM

We have customized the addon to allow 'Registered Users Checking Out As Guests'. Please contact us here for more details.


I bought this addon and it really has improved the checkout, customers seem to be taking to it as well.

It's great to have the checkout work regardless of registered / previously registered / guest - they can just checkout how they wish without being given error notices to login if they don't want to or have forgotten they have registered in the past. The cart doesn't second guess their choice, it just lets them order which means we get paid and the customer isn't left confused why the cart won't take their money because of their email address.


Thanks cscartrocks!

In Topic: Registered Users Checking Out As Guests

16 November 2015 - 05:43 AM

Hello, there is a one page checkout mod that can do this:



If you use Group Memberships with special promotions, the person assigned to the group needs to be registered and log in to get the special promotion. I use this and would not want a registered user assigned to a group(s) to log out as a guest,

I also use the group membership for targeted email promotions. As far as I know, you can't assign a group membership to an unregistered customer.



Your example is a good reason for not wanting it i guess - thou you could still make it work and let the customer decide if they want to login or not to get the offers. By logging in they get a better deal, if they forget they miss out but you still get the order regardless.


Cs-Cart has these kinds of marketing techniques built in which are great on one hand but they seem to lack options to not use them if your store doesn't need it.

Simply letting us decide in Admin if we want a customer who has previously registered to use guest checkout should be a simple checkbox option to use or not use. It's odd that we're forcing customers habits rather than working with them.

In Topic: Registered Users Checking Out As Guests

16 November 2015 - 05:36 AM

This would go against all the logical reasons for having a registration system in the first place, If they did not want an account then they would never have registered.

The aim of most stores is to encourage people to register so they can email them on offers etc and get them back to make another purchase before they forget the first purchase.

I would suggest that your are looking for a solution to the wrong problem and you need to look at your marketing.


Really depends on your store and your customers habits. What works for one store doesn't mean jack for another store.

Not every store sells the same way to the same type of customers so marketing techniques aren't improved by capturing details they don't want to give. We would rather the sale and let them on their way if they don't wish to give us anymore information than hold them hostage to a login they will half-heartedly fill out just to get on with the order.

I personally hate registering when i shop somewhere - always take the guest checkout if it's an option. I suspect many more shoppers behave that way as well rather than joining EVERY shop they use online.


We collect emails with a newsletter opt-in so registration of their address isn't really necessary since we can contact them again and follow up with offers. 100% of our business is referral from bands and artists who hit their fanbase with newsletters and point them to their sales directly from socials and emails - we don't need to be doing that since it's already taken care of before they get to our shop so our newsletters are few and far between anyway. It works better to get the band to tell their fans via their socials than for our shop to email customers.


I offer registration if they want it but the problem is if they have registered in the past and don't want to sign-in in the future they get an error message rather than letting them just do what they want as a free paying customer. IF they are ordering from a mobile device on the street after a concert and 5 beers you really think they'll wait around for the server to email them a forgotten password reset and go through all that nonsense?

Far more logical to just let them order with no hassles. The quick sale is far more important to my business but each to their own.

In Topic: One Step Checkout - Simple Layout

14 November 2015 - 02:16 AM

This addon does not solve that problem. IWe have the same happening.


Thanks for the info.
Yeah it's a real problem that anyone who has registered in the past are forced to login. Pretty much kills orders from mobiles when they have to wait for server emails to reset forgotten passwords.

Guest checkouts and quick checkout systems are the normal way to shop these days, logging in should be a choice regardless if a user has registered before.

In Topic: Addon: "Guest Checkout by Default" for CS-Cart.

14 November 2015 - 01:20 AM


Does this addon allow users who have registered in the past to checkout as guest even if their email/info matches a registered user?


I'd like to have the user account area on the shop for those who wish to create an account - but by checkout just have guest checkout since if they haven't signed in by that stage they can just checkout as a guest (or login via the account dropdown block).


Currently CS-Cart blocks a guest from checking out if their email address already exists - forcing them to login / reset their forgotten password and it's a big problem.


I'm looking for a way to allow guests to checkout without being prompted or error messaged that their details already exist.