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Is There A Way To Slow Down The Newsletter Email Queue?

18 January 2017 - 06:12 PM

Is there a way to adjust the rate that the built-in newsletter email queue sends out emails?  I assume there is a setting in a configuration file for this somewhere, but I have been unable to find it.  It sends out emails at such a fast rate that it often triggers automatic spam/flood prevention on larger hosts like yahoo, gmail, hotmail and at&t mail.  This causes a large number of emails to be rejected, as well as hurts spam reputation with these service providers.  Thanks!

Fedex Shipping Module Needs Update

27 April 2016 - 05:20 AM

The built-in FedEx module's Freight services need to be updated.  It is missing the following services:

  • FedEx Freight® Priority (A.M. Delivery)
  • FedEx Freight® Priority
  • FedEx Freight® Economy (A.M. Delivery)
  • FedEx Freight® Economy (Close of Business)
  • FedEx Freight® Economy



Fedex And Ups Shipping Modules And Orders Over 150 Pounds

28 March 2016 - 03:18 AM



The built-in FedEx and UPS shipping modules are still not capable of splitting orders into multiple boxes when requesting real-time shipping rates as of version 4.3.x.  My primary concern is with Fedex since that is what our company uses, but it's a problem with UPS too.  I am aware we could ship orders over 150 pounds via Fedex Freight (LTL), but this is not cost effective until the order is about 300 pounds or more.  Shipping the orders in multiple boxes via ground is almost always significantly cheaper in the 150-300 pound range. This has been a problem since version 1 of CS-Cart, and I'm curious why it has not been addressed.


Fedex home delivery max weight is 70 PER PACKAGE.  Fedex ground max weight is 150 pounds, but packages over 70 pounds incur an extra "overweight" charge.  You can, however, ship as many packages to the same recipient as you want using home delivery or ground, as long as each package is below these max weights.  So why can't CS-Cart quote rates that way?


We use Magento currently, and it is capable of splitting orders out into multiple boxes based on the "max package weight" you assign to the shipping method in its configuration.  If I put 150 pounds in the "max package weight" and someone orders numerous products that add up to 200 pounds, it simply splits the order into two packages... One 150 pound package and one 50 pound package, and requests a combined quote for the entire order from Fedex as two separate packages.  This allows my current cart to technically quote shipping on any total order weight for these shipping services.


I see that CS-Cart has a "Weight Limit" field under the general tab within the shipping method and a "Max box weight" under the configuration tab within the shipping method.  However, the "Max box weight" doesn't appear to actually do anything, regardless of what you put in the field.  If CS-Cart behaved like Magento, I would expect that whatever weight I put in the "Max box weight" would determine when CS-Cart should split the order into an additional box or boxes... but it doesn't do that.


I know this has been an ongoing complaint since CS-Cart started, and even the way Magento handles it isn't perfect, but it's pretty close, and in 5 years of using Magento, it has never been more than a dollar or two off from our actual cost on very large/heavy orders.  It has been a good compromise for a complex shipping situation, and has meant that we weren't turning away customers because our cart was unable to quote ground shipping rates, or push them to expensive freight rates on orders over 150 pounds but under 300 pounds.


I understand there were a couple of custom third party shipping modules that addressed this problem at one time, but it appears the developers have both closed down their businesses, so there is no solution presently for this issue.


Does CS-Cart intend to address this problem in the near future?  It's holding me back from a 1 base and 2 additional storefront licence purchase at this time.


Thanks for any input.