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In Topic: Newsletter Caused Mail Issue

27 January 2017 - 08:49 PM

Probably the easiest "fix" would be to use a third party email provider.  Amazon SES is about the cheapest you'll find, and it has fantastic delivery rates.  It'll work with your cart's newsletter addon using the SMTP function.  https://aws.amazon.com/ses/pricing/

In Topic: Update: Critical Vulnerability In Phpmailer Library. Should Be Fixed Asap

19 January 2017 - 11:27 PM

Not sure unavailability of a server is really a bug as much as an administrative issue.  However, having a 60 second TCP timeout is standard but a bit long for an interactive process.  If you can't connect in 5 seconds, you should just move along....


Can't argue with that. :)

In Topic: Is There A Way To Slow Down The Newsletter Email Queue?

19 January 2017 - 11:24 PM

Let's see...

If you set the step rate to 100 emails, then you'll be sitting there clicking "next" buttons for 130 cycles.  Given maybe 1sec/email you'll be sitting there for 13000 seconds or over 3 hours....  And at the same time hoping you're complying properly with the industry spam requirements and that your server is setup properly to send batch emails in that quantity without being dropped by the big providers.  Not sure what your customer's time is worth, but clicking next for 3 hours might get a tad tedious....


That's not how it works any more.  While it is browser based, it auto-refreshes all on its own at whatever time interval CS-Cart devs assigned to it.  Once you hit "save and send" it goes until it's done without any other user intervention.  The number of emails "per step" that is configurable in the newsletter addon simply determines how many emails it fetches to process per "refresh" (step).  It's a "set it and forget it" situation except you have to leave your browser open for it to cycle through the entire subscriber list you assigned to the newsletter you're sending.  Even still, I can imagine this would get extremely out of hand for a store with subscribers in the 100s of thousands, but even with 13,000 subs in this situation, it's a relatively painless and quick process.  My actual concern is I feel it's too quick, and often triggers delivery throttling with major email providers' servers, which is why I'm working on modifying it (slowing it down) in this case.  It would be lovely if this was a configurable setting through admin rather than having to go code diving, but such is life. :)


You absolutely have to have properly working reverse DNS and TXT/SPF records at the very minimum, but more focused DMARC, DKIM and the like really should be done properly as well for best practices.  This often is beyond the scope of the more casual CS-Cart store owner, so I understand your concerns with that.  I share them too.


I may eventually push them to Amazon SES.  It's extremely cheap, no monthly fees... just pay for what you use.


Take Care!

In Topic: Update: Critical Vulnerability In Phpmailer Library. Should Be Fixed Asap

19 January 2017 - 07:46 PM

hehe... I don't disagree with you straygecko.  My own personal preference is to be as cautious as is reasonable when it comes to security... though it can certainly become a never ending pursuit if one lets it, and which you alluded to.  "Reasonable" means different things to different folks. :)


It's still a relatively common occurrence to encounter these functions disabled on default setups, which is why I mentioned it being a smart thing to include new function requirements in release notes.  I mentioned this to CS-Cart staff.  They agreed.  They're putting it in there now. :)


Take care! :)

In Topic: Coupon Code Reusable(Not Logic),customer Keep Create New Account To Use Same...

19 January 2017 - 07:01 PM

Since you have already setup the promotion and distributed the coupon codes, I guess you could manually delete each coupon code you created, once it has been used, from your "in" statements.  Not exactly convenient, but it would solve your problem for now, right?  


The only way to currently accomplish what you want to do is to create an individual promotion for each coupon code you want to give out.  Then, you can use the "number of usages" condition to prevent it being used multiple times.  This will create quite a cumbersome list in promotions, and would take a lot longer to setup unfortunately, but it'd work.