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#96235 ADDON: Cart Sidebox - Shopping Cart on Sidebar

Posted by egohome on 25 November 2010 - 10:00 AM

Dear fellow-forumist hyteckit,

Thanks for sharing with us your Version 2 of the side box cart addon...
This version works with ajax and dynamically updates your addon with the item added to the cart...

BUT is supresses the ajax pop up window (the one that says Product added to your cart and has two buttons beneath : Continue shopping - Checkout)
When I simple dissable your addon from Administration > addons > Cart sidebox, the ajax pop up window appears again... If I enable it, it dissapears again...

Although your V2 addon works great with the ajax and dynamically adds item(s) to your addon, it causes the dynamic pop up window to dissapear...

Eagerly waiting for this last small issue to resolve...
thanks again,