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Variant Images Selected Glitch

25 October 2018 - 04:06 PM

Hi All


I have an issue with product variant images, when a variant is selected multiple images are highlighted and marked as selected 

I've attached an image and here is a link to the issue



I assume its a javascript glitch, the images selected have the same 1st number for the identifier.

So when "det_img_variant_image_63_1_2" is selected 

"det_img_variant_image_63_1_200" and "det_img_variant_image_63_1_201" are also set as 'selected'

Same happens with number 1 also highlighting '196' and '197'.



Visual effect
Attached File  ikon variant glitch.png   137.03KB   39 downloads


Switch in source code

Attached File  ikon variant glitch 2.png   66.84KB   38 downloads



Any suggestions ??