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#146183 Product Labels Addon

Posted by Coding Staff on 02 October 2012 - 12:43 PM

CodingStaff is proud to present a new Product Labels add-on. It allows you to attach labels to product images in your store. There are 5 types of labels (NEW, %OFF, SALE, HOT, OUT OF STOCK) that will draw your customers’ attention to products that are new, hot, on sale or out of stock.

Among the key feautures are:
  • Labels are attached automatically
  • Choose the types of labels you want to use in your store
  • 2 different labels on one product
  • Control the logic of different labels displaying on one product
  • Change the shape and color of label.
  • Change the text of label, its font and color
  • Set duration for label NEW, set selling period and quantity of the product for label HOT
  • No special skills needed to manage this add on. All the settings are easily managed in Administration panel
  • The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart versions 2.2.x – 3.0.x
SPECIAL OFFER: Make a purchase of Product Labels add-on until October 31 and get 15% discount! Don’t miss the deal!

Be the first and the luckiest to try new add-on in your store. We will be very grateful to know your opinion about this product. Your feedback is what we appreciate most of all!

To learn more: http://www.codingsta...uct-labels.html

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#94430 SiteGround - Stay AWAY

Posted by Coding Staff on 10 November 2010 - 09:28 AM

We had a worst experience with a hosting company ever. One of our developers found SiteGround hosting... unfortunately later we found out that this company was a total scam. They had some kind of promotion, so the hosting was really cheap.

When I was ordering a hosting package, there was a clear, huge label of 30 days money back guarantee... later I found out that they lie. One thing was really strange to me - I had a charge from Luxembourg on my card... that came from SiteGround.

Ok... after ordering account and paying for 2 years upfront we found out that we can host only one site under that hosting account. Each addon domain would cost us $30. Hidden fee, isn't it. Therefore, we decided to use 30 Days money back guarantee.

When I contacted their support, response was as follows: "we can provide you with a refund but have to withhold $31 for setting you up and $10 for domain name you registered". To me, $31 for setting up a customer with CPanel was ridiculous - there is no human power involved.

Next, I got even more fun with SiteGround. They refunded $42 out of my $83 but! in next week I found a new charge on my card from siteground for $43. I didn't authorize any payments, didn't request any service from them.

That drove me crazy... I called their phone number (which is a US number) but got to automated line. Tried to email them, but found that they closed my support account.

Next, I found that there are even more weird charges on my card.

Finally, I ended up calling Bank of America to cancel my card and claim disputes on those charges.

My opinion: SiteGround is a scam company registered in offshore zone that should never be chosen for hosting. I am really disappointed of the fact that CS-Cart supports those scammers and liars.

Mikita, Coding Staff