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#79704 CS Cart VS Interspire Shopping cart..

Posted by snowunder on 08 May 2010 - 11:38 PM

Is the license fee one-off, i dont have to pay every month unless i want to subscribe your service ? Thank you

Comparsion Interspire vs. CS-Cart

Starter Edition $295 ------------------- CS-Cart $217 - $265

Interspire --------------------------------------- CS-Cart

100 products -------------------------------------- unlimited
Staff logins 2 -------------------------------------- unlimited
Custom Form Fields=NO ------------------- Custom Form Fields=YES
Order Messaging System=NO ------------ Order Messaging System=YES
Sync to Quickbooks=NO ------------------- Sync to Quickbooks=YES
WebMail=NO ------------------------------------ WebMail=YES
Order Notifications via SMS=NO --------- Order Notifications via SMS=YES
Inventory Control=NO ------------------------- Inventory Control=YES
Bulk Product Editing=NO ------------------- Bulk Product Editing=YES
Export Customers (CSV/XML)=NO ------ Export Customers (CSV)=YES
Customer Groups=NO ----------------------- Customer Groups=YES
Discount Rules=NO -------------------------- Discount Rules=YES
Gift Certificates=NO -------------------------- Gift Certificates=YES
Staff Action Logging=NO ------------------- Staff Action Logging=YES
Custom Export Templates=YES --------- Custom Export Templates=NO
Gift Certificate Views=NO ----------------- Gift Certificate Views=YES
Customer Address Verification=YES - Customer Address Verification=NO

Functions that are not available in the $295 version are available ONLY in the $1,795 version and not in the middle version for $995.

The CS-Cart is equal or better as the Interspire Professional Edition for $995 (e.g. max. 5000 products in Interspire Professional Edition).

There are maybe available functions of CS-Cart which Interpire doesn't have.

Try to make a reverse comparsion.