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12 February 2011 - 11:17 AM

I am not a cs-cart user however I have been considering moving form magento to cs-cart. Our business originally started just selling on ebay and the web site came later. During this time we have been using a pc based software Blackthorne Pro to manage the complete process on ebay.
There is a real hole in the market to provide a comprehensive ebay intergrated ecommerce platform, more comprehensive than Bigcommerce.
I suggest you download Blackthorne Pro from ebay and take a look at its features. If most of these features could be incorporated into the ebay intergration, I would move to cs-cart immediately.
There is another company, sixbitsoftware.com, who have software intergrating ebay with other auction sites. These are the guys who originally developed Blackthorne, before ebay persuaded them to move on.