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In Topic: Upgrade 4.3.3 Failed

25 September 2019 - 07:05 PM

Thanks Tony, I'll give it a shot. 

In Topic: Upgrade 4.3.3 Failed

24 September 2019 - 08:29 PM

I know this is an old post but I am just trying to upgrade a site from 4.2.1, I ran into error going to 4.2.2 and CS-Cart tech changed something for them to be able to upgrade from 4.2.1 up to 4.2.4. Now I am trying to go up to 4.3.1 and I am getting this error: 





Unfortunately, you cannot proceed with the upgrade because we cannot access the var/upgrade/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz/restore.php file, which is used to roll back the upgrade. We must be sure that the restore functionality works fine before you continue with the upgrade.

It seems that wrong permissions settings cause this issue.

  1. Try this:
  2. Set 644 permissions for the var/upgrade/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz/restore.php file (chmod 644 var/upgrade/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz/restore.php)
  3. Set 755 permissions for var/ , var/upgrade/ , var/upgrades/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz folders (chmod -R 755 ./var)
  4. Click the Install button to restart the upgrade procedure.

If this error message occurs after you have completed the above steps, contact our support team via your Help Desk account and give them a temporary SSH or FTP access to your store.


I asked CS-Cart tech to look into this and they replied saying it was something on my server and they were getting a 404 error when trying to access the restore.php file and they should have gotten an Access Denied message instead. I pointed out that they were trying to access the restore.php file with an incorrect URL and that I had verified all the permissions were correct, but yet I am still getting the above error message. I am running PHP 5.6 suPHP and have not had this issue before, anyone have any suggestions?