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In Topic: TinyMCE 3.4.4

15 September 2011 - 09:09 AM

Thanks, Hope they put this in by default next release.

In Topic: Google indexing mainly categories

20 September 2010 - 11:15 AM

A) Have you added?
RewriteRule ^sitemap\.xml$ ./index.php?dispatch=xmlsitemap.view [L]
Add this line after the "RewriteBase" line.
B) Are you using for sitemap

Sorry I am new to all this which file are you referring to in A?

I think I understand what you are asking for B) and in google wemaster i set it to Sitemap.xml.

Many thanks


In Topic: Google indexing mainly categories

20 September 2010 - 11:03 AM

Hi windowleaper,

When you updated to 2.1.1 did you change the url structure of your products? or where they kept the same?

If the URL structure of some of your pages has changed it could take a few weeks for all the pages to be indexed, and anything up to 6 months for you to start seeing them higher up in google, you should put some rewrites in place if you have changed the url structure.

You will also have to be careful how often you submit your sitemap, if you keep submitting it (even while trying to figure out this issue) google could penalise you meaning it would take even longer for your website to be indexed.

I personally use 2.1.1 on a live store and only have seen improvement in my rank / positioning since updating.

Another thing google do like is unique content, the more unique content you have the higher you will rank.

I've found the best way over my years of work in the web development and seo industry that to rank high in google, bing, yahoo etc is to just build your website with the users/customers in mind, keep the code clean and to web standards and you should never really get any problems.

You should try running your website through google webmaster tools as this will help you diagnose any problems and also will tell you if google have penalised you for anything.

Hope this helps some.

I didn't get round to upgrading from 2.0.15 as there was so many problems in 2.1.0 that affected my other site so my URL structures are unchanged.

I have also made sure my content is unique so this should help.

Where do I look in Google Webmaster to see if i have been penalised? I can find that. Thanks for the tip on not submitting a sitemap too often I didn't know.

Many thanks!

In Topic: Google indexing mainly categories

15 September 2010 - 02:30 PM

I am confused now and not sure if this is a CS CART or Google issue. I Turned off the SEO and sitemap addon. Then submitted a new sitmap with the non seo'd URL's to Google manually.


The number of pages indexed did not change!

Now is Google not indexing the pages due to content because their criteria has changed or is it not indexing them because of the fact the pages are classed as "too deep" or another reason such as page rank, links etc? Either way something is stopping Google indexing pages that previously it had done!

If any one out there can shed any light on this as I think there is a bunch of us here who need assistance?