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#76878 Synchronize users with Joomla

Posted by TexasGuy on 07 April 2010 - 08:02 PM

I'm looking for the same thing. Are there any takers who can make this happen quickly at an inexpensive price????

I can do it for you. Email me at trace58451@mypacks.net

However, Joomla 1.5 has a new way to record passwords, it uses CS-Cart method but then it uses ADDITIONAL step of salting MD5.

For those who don't know what I am taking about, in short, before calculating a checksum of the password, it adds a random string to the password to make the checksum way harder (or impossible) to reverse, that is to derive a password from the checksum (in case the database info will fall into the wrong hands).

The problem there is that it is not reversable, you cannot go to vanilla MD5 from the Joomla v1.5 values for passwords in the database.

There are 3 ways to solve it, all require some modifications to CS-Cart core files.

1) If all users are from Joomla, one can modify CS-Cart to utilize the same algorithm to check passwords. Thus, a direct import of users will have CS-Cart work with the way Joomla stores passwords.

2) If some users are Joomla, some CS-Cart, do step #1 and re-salt CS-Cart user passwords to Joomla manner.

3) If not step #2, have a field in Database to signify if Joomla or CS-Cart user record that will check differently the passwords with different algorithms.

So, it is not really easy cut as you just import.... However, if you have an older Joomla version, there is a good chance it still uses the simple way to record passwords like CS-Cart does now, then it would be a direct port. However, if you will ever update Joomla, the import of new users will stop to work (that is if non of the fixes is implemented from above choices).

Everything else is sun dust.