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#319758 Module: Utm Statistics

Posted by johnbol1 on 12 September 2019 - 01:36 PM

Can this track gclic id ? from adwords

#319557 Meet Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 With New Checkout And Product Variations

Posted by johnbol1 on 07 September 2019 - 08:05 PM

next time I will wait updating for some weeks and check the blog first.... 

This is the 2nd best advice

1st best advice is to test on a dev site first

#319010 Import Features One By One Without Deleting Existing

Posted by johnbol1 on 22 August 2019 - 02:00 PM

Well Well Well, this simple addon works a treat.




#318919 Urgent Site Completely Down Hook Not Callable

Posted by johnbol1 on 20 August 2019 - 08:05 AM

Thanks for the replies Quick run down,if anyone else is silly enough to do similar :)



I installed a product stickers addon whilst having and older version from another company disabled.

This caused some conflicts somewhere, and the new dev renamed the func file of the old addon which seemed to work, but when trying to use the addon not all parts worked, (adding stickers manually) 

I uninstalled and reinstalled in admin, and this is what caused the site to go completely front end and back end, )Previoulsy it was just back end and we could cope with that till a fix)


Everytime I tried one of your replies above the service error still appeared.


I went though all the directories on the server of the old addon and remaned the old one in apps/addons to something else. 

This got the front and back working but with the 404 error like above.


So I duplicated the whole site to my dev zipped up all the old addon files and deleted them, reinstalled the new companies addon and it worked. (note it didnt upload and work via admin upload correctly, I had to manually unzip files via ftp)


All seems well, and I like the new addon, very flexible.


I think in general, make sure you uninstall all previous similar addon, if using a new one, and not just disable. 



#317706 Can Anyone Tell Me How To Make Iframe Height Bigger

Posted by johnbol1 on 13 July 2019 - 11:33 AM

sorted by commenting out the below and changing the iframe src from this

<iframe id="ifm" src="//www.website here" scrolling="yes">




to this <iframe height="2400" src="//www.website here" width="1500"></iframe>


sorry about the post format, I couldnt work it out to paste mre then 1 "code" tag

//function resizeIframe() {
var height = window.innerHeight || document.documentElement.clientHeight || document.body.clientHeight;
height -= pageY(document.getElementById('test'))+ buffer;
height = (height < 0) ? 0 : height;
document.getElementById('test').style.height = height + 'px';

#317107 Meet Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 With New Checkout And Product Variations

Posted by johnbol1 on 26 June 2019 - 08:22 PM

@johnbol1,  @alaa
I disagree,  With some exception, "The community" are paid license owners that are running Live Stores!  Our expectation that our business will not be ruined by updates with ill-conceived functionality is completely warranted. Personally,  I've got business to run,  and expect that the software architects know what they are doing. Seriously!

Im not here to argue with you, you dont need to direct your points at me. Im looking to add some balance as i see it and some are her to just bash/.

I agree the billing address was a bad move for my customers (not yours or anyone elses mine) , and the telephone masking isnt too bad for me.

We see people who blindly upgrade without testing, I have one thing in mind  DEV. simple

#317070 Meet Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 With New Checkout And Product Variations

Posted by johnbol1 on 26 June 2019 - 08:06 AM

OK, so we can see how many of us are disagreeing with a few things and Imac has responded professionally I think


Id just like to try and level a little the critics we are all throwing his way and say in general I think the cart has improved a lot for options and variants plus other things over the past year or so. I can see the way they are thinking and yes the "5 whys" is a good and well used method to work around, that many workflows use.


Having just seen the video update report for April and May, I can see other good features in the cart too.

Sp pretty much just wanted to add a little balance to the discussion and thanks for the hard work, its not all about bashing the devs.


look forward to the new release and fixes.

#316950 Meet Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 With New Checkout And Product Variations

Posted by johnbol1 on 22 June 2019 - 10:21 PM

Why dont we have an email 2nd check field, i get plenty customers who enter wrong email details




#316666 Admin Cannot Add Testimonials

Posted by johnbol1 on 17 June 2019 - 01:46 PM

added to bug tracker

#316232 Updating Stock Levels Via Csv Upload?

Posted by johnbol1 on 07 June 2019 - 04:17 PM

Hi Skivan


You need to click the Product Combinations tab first to see the additional fields for importing/exporting variations.




You will then see "amount" - thats the stock level for each variation




Here's an example of the sheet I use for updating stock level of products with variations/




Hope that helps


#315579 Full Width Cs Cart 4.3

Posted by johnbol1 on 20 May 2019 - 11:59 PM

Thank you very much for your answer but when i saw this https://support.energothemes.com/  i thought changing theme is better :(

And so would I.

In fact after reading THAT id think twice about buying anything from it

#314752 Upgrading From 4.2.2 To 4.2.3

Posted by johnbol1 on 27 April 2019 - 08:09 PM

well, judging by your posts up to now, once calling it F**ing software and now one calling it garbage?

Im sure thats gonna endear you to everyone.

There are many many users where it runs without issue? so probably  Go away with your bad attitude somewhere else maybe? i hear presta are always looking for ranters  :?


or maybe try 

"INSERT INTO ?:foo SET a decent_attitude= response"

#314005 Addon: Invoices For Customers

Posted by johnbol1 on 03 April 2019 - 04:43 PM

Good addon but would be even better if you could create a user aswell if not pre registered in your store, instead of only being allowed to choose from pre registered.



#313601 Issue After Upgrade To 4.8 Thanks Cs Cart For Their Ridiculous Support

Posted by johnbol1 on 23 March 2019 - 05:53 PM

:shock:  :shock: your host maybe ?, I had a host like this once.

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#313453 Please Make Pricevaliduntil Field

Posted by johnbol1 on 20 March 2019 - 06:38 PM

see here https://forum.cs-car...for-seo/page-4?