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In Topic: Exporting Product Data Problem Or Bug ?

Today, 08:19 AM

Tunnel vision. Looking at the wrong drop down.
Thank you very much johnbol1

I did the same at the start of the year  :mrgreen:

In Topic: Importing Images. A Question About Product Codes.

Today, 08:19 AM

To import images each one does need a code to import yes

In Topic: Exporting Product Data Problem Or Bug ?

Yesterday, 08:34 AM

I see it 






In Topic: Meet Cs-Cart Free

30 June 2022 - 06:04 PM

So this replaces standard licences even ultimate (non multivendor)?


It only allows one storefront is that right so you then have to go multivendor?


You say " no restrictions on time, size, and the number of stores".


But then on your site it says "Unlike the paid version, CS-Cart Free doesn’t have some features for larger stores. That includes privileges and user groups for administrators, multiple storefront"



It is just like the old free cs cart version.

Number of stores means you can set up more than one website, not more than one storefront.


sure some features would be unavailable but I think its great they have released it and should entice more users..

In Topic: How To Make These Changes To Checkout

24 June 2022 - 06:36 PM

admin>texts&languages> edit texts


type "select state" change to what you want