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Fedex Issues Today?

21 January 2019 - 05:48 PM

Getting varying returns from FedEx... one minute it wants to charge for Free shipping items, then it won't allow Ground... then it comes back but when you attempt a check out it hangs up and comes back with other results. I feel it's a problem with FedEx.


Anyone else? Might want to check it.

Authorize.net Md5 Phasing Out

11 January 2019 - 06:42 PM

Received this today. What's the plan?


Authorize.Net is phasing out the MD5 based transHash element in favor of the SHA-256 based transHashSHA2. The setting in the Merchant Interface which controls the MD5 Hash option will be removed by the end of January 2019, and the transHash element will stop returning values at a later date to be determined.  
We have identified that you have this feature configured and may be relying on MD5 based transHash in transaction responses for verifying the sender is Authorize.Net. 
Please contact and work with your web developer or solutions provider to verify if you are still utilizing MD5 based hash and if still needed to move to SHA-256 hash via Signature Key. 
 Please refer your developer or solution provider to our Transaction Hash Upgrade Guide for more details and information on this change.  


Search Results Page Improvement

15 November 2018 - 03:37 PM

I'm trying to figure out how to improve the look of the search results page. Under the Layout for Search Results you only have a few block options for the Main section that this resides in that really do nothing.

I'd prefer to have a few things

1. Layout that mimics any category results page with sorting and grid, etc layout options.


2. Refine search within results.


The default list with no images is lacking.


I see some options for live search and implemented Searchinese for now but may use ecom's quick search instead. Regardless, I'd like a better search results page.


Thanks in advance.

Shipping - Dimensional Issues - Multiple Methods Per Order

27 July 2018 - 12:06 PM

I've read some of the threads regarding the lack of proper dimensional shipping in CSC, which is part of the problem.


The biggest problem is this...


I have certain products that need flat rate shipping. So a winch, which is 75 lbs, sells for $500 and needs to ship flat rate... $50 for example.


I have some products that must have a live shipping solution, FedEx Ground typically, a winch mount bumper for example that weighs 85 lbs and has a cost of $550.


The first is because the products total 160lbs FedEx won't show Ground Home Delivery because their limit is 150lbs...even though they ship separately, sometimes from me, sometimes from a drop ship. That's a dimensional issue I think, or at least in part.


Sometimes a customer orders both at once, so now he has flat rate and a live rate items in the cart. CSC returns a shipping solution with:


Sorry, it seems that we have no shipping options available for your location.
Please check your shipping address and contact us if everything is okay. We'll see what we can do about it.


What I need is an addon that enables product by product shipping as it seems CSC won't do that. I've run CSC for many years so I'm pretty familiar with it and don't see a solution for this problem. I have Hungryweb's Shipping/Payment Restriction addon which he kindly updated for 4.8.x and it does what it is supposed to and whether I have it running or not, selected restrcitions or not, this is obviously an issue related to the core CSC shipping logic.


So, what I would like to see is the cart with the winch listed with the flat rate shipping, then the next line shows the live rate methods and so on...the neatly totals it all up and let's him checkout out.. sale complete.


What am I missing? Is there no solution to this?

Flat Rate Shipping - Do Not Display Other Options

25 July 2018 - 01:30 AM

Been using CSC for many years but never addressed this.


Right now I ship most everything FedEx or USPS but I have a line of products in the store that I want to specifiy flat rate shipping.. simple enough I guess, however, I do NOT want to show any other shipping options at checkout.


If it's $50 to ship something then we bypass everything else and boom... if shows $50 shipping in the cart.. have a nice day.


I already have a free shipping method for store pickups, etc and I don't want to confuse customers.. just make it real simple.


Now.. you may ask why I don't just figure it in to the price... because it skewers the pricing in search engines, etc. I want to keep this as simple and straight forward as possible.


I'm on the latest greatest CSC.