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In Topic: Search Results Page Improvement

16 November 2018 - 05:27 AM

You mind explaining that? The only option in Settings>General>Search is to search Pages.


It depends on the Settings -> General -> Search also in setting. 


Dispatch can be




In Topic: Search Results Page Improvement

15 November 2018 - 04:52 PM

There is a dispatch for Search product but I'm not sure that's what I really need... there IS 'Search results' though, which would seem to be what I want. I want to create a better search results page that also has the search filters.


There is no Design>Appearance.

In Topic: Shipping - Dimensional Issues - Multiple Methods Per Order

27 July 2018 - 03:05 PM

Ok.. so hang with me here as it might get a bit lengthy... but I think I have a combination here that works.


So I took a look at the Suppliers addon that comes with CSC and thought that I could go ahead and assign the product(s) to suppliers, my company, and others. I don't want them to be notified as we use a PO system so I simply used our email (but really don't want to receive those, needs a checkbox for that) and enabled.


I have the Hungryweb (HW) payment/shipping restrictions addon installed as well, keep that in mind.




The logic here is that you set suppliers to be more restrictive or inclusive depending on what you are doing and use Hungryweb's addon to be more inclusive. It's complicated and depends on how your business operates.


I have products we manufacture that ship using live methods.. FedEx Ground, etc, we have some products that ship free.


We sell third party products, some ship free, some flat rate, some live.


The problem is that if you restrict our products that ship live by excluding flat rate via HW's addon it will kill shipping methods for any other product that needs to ship via a supplier that ships flat rate. If we included flat rate at the product level and have 0.00 in the Shipping freight box then flat rate will show Free.. you know what the customer will select, free of course... we don't want that... so then we exclude Flat Rate with HW's addon but that kills any other flat rate products even if from different suppliers... so to fix it we enable flat rate in the product using HW then exclude flat rate at the supplier level. The trick here assigning free shipping to a live rate.. FE Ground.. and never use flat rate for free shipping.


It really depends on your shipping arrangement with suppliers and even down to the product. Some suppliers... Warn Winch for example.. have winches we can ship free, some flat rate and some need a live rate.


This is all doable by using suppliers and HW's addon. The only caveat is that you may need to create multiple suppliers  for each... Warn Live.. Warn Flat Rate.. if the combo of issues dictates it.. haven't had to do that yet....yet.


If done right you get what you see in the attached screen shot.


This is not something you want to implement on an existing store with tons of products as you will need to address the HW exclusions in each product and is not something you can do by global edit. Luckily we only have 260 products so it's not the end of the world and as we add products we address it all then.

In Topic: Flat Rate Shipping - Do Not Display Other Options

25 July 2018 - 01:12 PM

Hungryweb has agreed to update this add on to work with 4.8.* and says he'll have it ready to go today. Hopefully this will do the trick.

In Topic: Flat Rate Shipping - Do Not Display Other Options

25 July 2018 - 02:55 AM

Found this that I think fits the bill but says it's only good to 4.5.2