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Needing a "product name" field added to orders table?

21 October 2011 - 01:17 PM

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!

I'm trying to add an additional field, "Product Name" to the exported fields of the orders section in the admin panel. Basically, in the database table, "cscart_product_descriptions" there is a field called "product" which is the product name of the items. When an order is placed, I'm needing the orders table to also pull the product name of the ordered product.

Actually, I've already added the field, but it's not reflecting any data when I perform an export.

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Thanks in advance!

Let Customers set their price...?

08 August 2011 - 01:35 AM

In need of a way to let customers name their own price, but with price restrictions that I set in the cart. For example, I may set a price restriction of $30, therefore as long as their price is at or above my set price, the cart will allow checkout at that price. Or a price restriction that is within a certain percentage of a set price.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Advanced search using preg_replace function... ?

21 July 2011 - 06:30 PM

I have a site that uses a lot of different part numbers that have hyphens or dashes in various places. I've tried to take as many variations as I can think of and place them into the "search words" field. It's a lot of work and sometimes I find myself doing this in vain. What I'm wanting to do is to have all of my part numbers exclude the hyphen/dash. I read somewhere that I can possibly use the PHP based function called, "preg_replace" to replace or strip a search character.

Example below...

Below are part numbers that I have in the store. Notice the hyphens/dashes. I want to enter them in the store "without" the hyphens and when a customer searches for a part number using a hyphen in the search, the function strips the hyphen from the search, thus locating a match.


Therefore, if I have an item with part number 45YCTI984, and a user searches for 45YCTI9-84, 45Y-CTI984, 4-5YCTI984, or 45YCTI98-4; it will strip the hyphen and locate the match of 45YCTI984.

Google fully utilizes this feature in their searches, which make it very powerful. Does anyone know anything about how to implement this into the search function of the cart?