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01 February 2012 - 04:03 PM

I went with Interspire Email Marketer. However, I could not get the form to work inside of a block. If I use the form on a test regular html page, the form works fine. But it will not work inside a block on the right hand side of page.

There is javascript within the form so I'm guessing that's where the problem is.

Have you tried to enclose your javascript inside of the {literal} tags? I have for example some javascript code that's nested inside of a block that works for me. It looks like this...

javascript code here....

Try that and see if it works. By the way, I found your post by searching for an email marketing solution. I've just taken a look at Interspire Email Marketer and it looks very promising. How has it worked for you and why did you choose them versus a hosted solution like MailChimp or iContact?