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In Topic: I am back but no longer with CyberLNC Hosting

27 June 2010 - 04:59 PM

Scott, we do sincerely appreciate the hard work you have put in over time at CyberLNC.

However, our decision for terminating our business relationship with you, though
a difficult decision to make, was one made with substantial reason.

We do wish you all the very best on your future ventures wherever they may lead.

CyberLNC Web Hosting

In Topic: 1.3.5 compatible with Apache 2.2?

01 June 2010 - 06:14 PM

YES! CS-Cart 1.3.5-SP3 works just fine with Apache 2.2 (Latest 2.2.15)

CS-Cart being that old is bad but Apache being that old is much worse!

I would recommend getting off of Apache 1.3 as quickly as possible.

In Topic: Sno's Rage Thread

16 May 2010 - 12:11 PM

For the cloud prices you will get from Martfox a full managed VPS with backups enabled and cPanel/WHM license

Traditional VPS servers are substantially inferior to cloud servers and are not an apples to apples comparison by any means. :rolleyes:

All servers at CyberLNC are 100% fully managed and have multiple redundant backups with additional fail safe protections reaching far beyond simple cPanel internal backups or anything found on VPS servers including for example multiple RAID redundancies, direct network level backups, daily sector by sector full imaging of all server hard drives, as well as supplemental and duplicate off-site backup storage in geographically separate high security storage facilities plus also live network snapshots automatically captured throughout the day on all servers. There is also additional supplemental backup options, above and beyond those included, you can optionally purchase to push this "protection" threshold even further.

In the highly unlikely event of even the most catastrophic disaster imaginable and the even less likely event of the entire data center itself being down and your server contents deliberately destroyed, you would still be able to have your server and your site 100% fully back online again as you were originally totally unharmed and literally within just a matter of minutes deployed to any of a handful of alternate locations scattered throughout the world instantly on demand in near real time.

Are you trying to say that your VPS server does all that too? :cool:

CyberLNC Web Hosting

[EDIT] Incidentally, all our cloud servers have 6 times the data space for backups thus if you have a 50 GB server then you actually have 50 GB drive space for your use plus an additional 300 GB of backup storage.

In Topic: 404 errors with function.array-merge.

15 May 2010 - 10:58 PM

I do have 5.2.13, so a puzzle! (I'm with Hostgator)

I would probably verify the version just to be sure (They might have upgraded).

Other than that --- programming issue maybe? :confused:

In Topic: 404 errors with function.array-merge.

15 May 2010 - 02:46 PM

I am getting quite a few 404 errors with pages ending in "function.array-merge".

I have a suspicion that your server may be running PHP 5.3.2.

The array functions were among non-backwards compatible changed made in 5.3.x

PHP 5.2.13 is currently the most compatible version for most web applications