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In Topic: We do not want 2.0.10...

02 January 2010 - 12:14 AM

I 2nd the motion..

Labrats do not have to shell out real $$$ to get wiped out :cool:

In Topic: We do not want 2.0.10...

26 November 2009 - 05:22 PM

Both files and database.

Bob, and thank you for the reply.

OK, I need to toss this out (as a question) to everyone...as here is why.

a: Since the original install a year ago in July, it's been only on my dedicated server.

b: When he never paid (and I also was doing a non-cart site for him) never comp'd either...I shut him off simply with WHM.... He ended up renewing the domain...whcih foes nowhere now...(see below...Guess What)

c: It's been awhile since I have thought about this even, but long story short is that a few months ago... In July for sure and also in September I know the DB existed....as I went in and snagged the SQL for the Country Codes etc...for another project. (just for all the countries)

So, I'd hop in with phpMyAdmin etc...

d: I grabbed a new domain, downloaded the 2.0.9 demo a couple days ago...and did the install (and figured I would get up to speed etc) and that's how I landed back on the forums. FIRST!!

e: Guess what? Today, (being a holiday) I figured...OK... Let's see if I can get this thing going....

The site files are all still there (always have been) yet will not work etc...as for reasons of dead domain and he more than likely removed as he's tossed it up @ name-services.com FOR SALE..

So, an hour ago... I hop into phpMyAdmin...and the frigging DB is totally gone?

I am sure most of you'all on this forum...have kept up registered versions...etc....but I am trying to figure out (as I know danged sure I never deleted it) where the HECK the DB went...that was attached to this account? (sigh)

Have you ever read anything of this sort?

Thx again,


In Topic: We do not want 2.0.10...

26 November 2009 - 03:32 PM

Yeah, that's where I am screwed...and feeling like a frigging hostage at this point. (sorry for venting) but it needs to be :D

The 1.3.5 SP3 was up and running fine... My frigging fault, is that I am a "trusting sole" and spent 3.5 months populating and building a site for "my guy" and which I think I netted not quite 700 for (at least I got something)

My big mistake, was I advised him about CS-CART and instead of Me BUYING (and then billing him) in the beginning, I suggested he PURCHASE it, ( as to cover my butt financially to start) and that seems to be a mistake for sure.

This 2.0.9 seems to be junk, I don't have frigging time in my live to play "labrat" anymore.

I came BACK HERE to get what I spent a lot of time last year...simply UP & RUNNING as being a NICE GUY, I figured I would wait to see if the jerk I spent all this time...ever ponied up....Never did, and last I heard from him was October 5th of 2008

All I simply want to do, is get my works...now...up and selling.

Now?? For the heck of it... and maybe you folks can help me out on this, as anyone successfully done a import of 1.3.5 to this NEW broken Arrow?

I have one other fact...I am witnessing also...and not liking what I see for sure :-)


PS added ??

Does anyone have a 1.3.5 Zip or install? Maybe that is all I need?

In Topic: We do not want 2.0.10...

25 November 2009 - 05:37 PM

Jobosales, thank-you very much..

OK, the 'dead cart' on my server is: 1.3.5-SP3

This 'demo' is : 2.0.9

My present day battle is to IMPORT (from the dead cart) so please remember that there's no LIVE SITE to simply gain access via admin and EXPORT....as I have no way to bring it live...

So, is there any tricks or shortcuts anyone can reco please?

Thanks again all...just that I've been away from this cart since last fall.

In Topic: We do not want 2.0.10...

25 November 2009 - 05:07 PM

Brandonvd, thank you very much for the reply... That command didn't show me this demo version...more than likely because I editied the home page already?

Maybe you can help me on this... as "the jerks" cart is no longer on and active domain, and these carts are "based on that"... so I can not get the cart live...to EXPORT and then import into the new one I just tossed up?

I have it still on the server...so all files and sql...but then again, a version from last year and it's a totally different interface in admin.

In other words...I know if I had the old version...I could just clone the DB somehow?

Thing is, I gave the guy a year to come clean and pony (settle up)... I think that's more than enough...and I think it is time to take my work and start selling.

Thanks again,