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In Topic: Spamming testimonials & reviews

25 January 2017 - 12:35 PM

We are using the default captcha and aren't going to change this as we can control the problem.


However, my question is about why people are doing this?

What benefit are they getting from doing this?

In Topic: Spamming testimonials & reviews

23 January 2017 - 06:14 PM

I've been using CS-Cart for many years but I've only just started to have the same problem as reported above, I'm using version 4.3.9. I've suddenly started receiving 10 to 20 spam testimonials a day!


I have checked that captcha is in place and working correctly and I have set "Administrator must approve posts submitted by:" to "Any customer", so they are not appearing on our website, so I am in control of the situation.


However, I wondered whether anyone knows why these people are doing this?


Because it requires manual entry of the captcha, the traffic's never going to be sufficient to cause any DDOS type problems and they must have realised that their rubbish is not getting published.


So what are they trying to achieve?


Even if their rubbish was getting published, the vast majority of them don't contain any links!


So again, what do they achieve?


In Topic: Ebay Synchronization Add-On: Improvements And New Features

02 March 2016 - 01:42 PM

Unfortunately I made the mistake of buying this add-on before realising there was a trial licence!


This add-on falls very short of what I would have expected from CS-Cart and I am not sure that I can find a way of using it with out some very significant improvements!


A bit of Background

We have a very wide range of products that fall into a wide range of different eBay categories.
These products are also very variable in their price, ranging from £0.20 to £65.00 and with widely varying postage charges, based on the products price.

The eBay template is used to control the postage charges used on eBay.

Just using the eBay templates to control synchronisation with eBay would require a very large number of templates to be created, I have estimated that we would need at least 300 templates, probably a lot more!

To dramatically reduce the number of templates the CS-Cart categories can be updated to have an eBay primary category, which will override the templates primary category setting.

This will then leave us needing to create a template for each of the postage charges that our products use, which is 6 templates.


The issues

Having discussed this with CS-Cart support, I have identified the following:

1) If we want to use a secondary eBay category, we will have to go back to creating 300+ templates!

2) Accidentally setting the secondary eBay category on the template, when using the CS-Cart category overrides, will cause all products using that template to have the same secondary category!

3) The relationship between templates and postage charges means that the templates can NOT be used for anything else!

4) CS-Cart already has the details of the "Postage charges" being used for each product, the only information missing is the "Additional shipping fee", which could easily be added to the "Editing postage method" page in "Shipping & VAT" -> "Postage methods".

5) So the template is just a pointless duplication of the postage charges, with the added problem that if we have to change our postage rates at any time, we also have to remember to make the same changes to the templates!!!

6) There is no easy/convenient way to add the "eBay primary category" to CS-Cart's categories! In fact editing categories in CS-Cart has always been a major problem.

7) There are 2 obvious ways of making it much easier, both used for products, the 1st is the "Edit selected" feature and the 2nd is the "Export selected" feature, with the corresponding Category import (so that the editing can be done in a spreadsheet). I appreciate that both these methods would require a major change to the Categories page and would require the ability to search Categories, but this has been something CS-Cart users have been asking for, for a long time!


As I was advised by Timur Mestan-zade, Technical support engineer at CS-Cart "We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the eBay add-on, however, I should tell you that all the mentioned points are not bugs in the add-on, they are a lack of functionality. I suggest that you should post your feedback in the special theme of our forum and explain why these features should be added..."


Maybe others would also like to take Timur's advice and then hopefully we can convince the developers that the "lack of functionality" should be resolved.