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Warehouses Addon (Beta) - Aka Stores & Pickup Points

11 December 2019 - 03:05 AM

Starting a thread here to discuss CSCart user's functionality requirements for the New Warehouses Addon. So I'll kick it off.

First look at the Demo, I could not find the Menu item to access Warehouses. Had to check the Docs to find it.

My first thoughts...

1. There are Stores (online domain) and there are Stores (Pickup Points)!

- Might be a good idea to change at lease one of these to save confusion.
ie :  Change Stores (online domain) to something like Channels . Then you can put future eBay and Amazon addons etc under Channels.


2. "Stores and warehouses are based on pickup points". ..

"pickup point" means if a customer decides to pick up product personally.

"Store" Physical offline store,  is that not the same thing as a pickup point?

"Warehouse" Distribution point.

So if a particular supplier is both a Dropshipper, has Physical storefront, and is a pickup point,  we would need to add 3 different store locations for the same supplier?
A lot of thought has obviously gone into this, but would it not be better to centre this around Suppliers,  and allow the Supplier to be set as a "pickup point", "Store" and/or "Warehouse"


3. No integration of Suppliers with Warehouses (aka Stores & pickup points).

Would it be good to merge the two?
We have some products that are available from up to 4 different suppliers. We actually need a "Multiple-suppliers-per-product" addon or if  Suppliers and  Warehouses merge this might solve our problem.


4. Its always been a bit odd that the Suppliers menu was located under "Customers"
Maybe group Suppliers and Warehouses as submenus of a new Parent menu like "Inventory Sources".


Well thats a start. Looking forward to an excellent,  intuitive addon.

Feature Variants > Product Variations & Product Feature Groups

09 December 2019 - 09:31 AM

Trying to get my head around managing Product Variations > Features and most confusingly Feature Groups.

It seems that Groups are a hangover from previous versions. Having updated rather than installed fresh,  I need to fix some products that did not convert properly from combinations to PV's.


Problem is I can see no option anywhere to Delete or Create  a Feature Group.

It seems the primary purpose of feature groups is to be able to quickly assign a list (or group) of Categories to a feature. ie,  instead of having to manually select the categories a feature will be available to,  one can just select the previously defined group.

So ...

1. Shouldn't the groups be called  Category Groups rather than  Feature Groups?

2. More importantly,  how the hell does one Delete or Create  a Feature Group?


So..  How does one create a "Feature group"?


Also,  I would expect Purpose: Variations as one product and Variations as separate products would have Feature style:  Multiple checkboxes and Filter type : Dropdown List options available.


Product Feature Groups...how?

07 December 2019 - 10:19 AM


Cleantalk Spam Protection

10 August 2019 - 03:44 AM

I've just added CleanTalk spam protection to a CSC v2 website. Seems to work well so far,  so I thought it would be good to have a discussion topic for sharing user experience .
Its a paid service, but really cheap considering the time it saves.

Apart from the automated spam filtering,  one of the fantastic advantages is that other verification methods can be turned off. With many internet users now using VPN's the Google reCapture more often requires full "click all the pictures with cars" validation for known VPN IP addresses,  which is just another buyer objection to avoid if possible.


Anyone had experiences, any disadvantages of using this service?